What does your Tooth Fairy pay?

Does anyone care to share what the going rate for the Tooth Fairy is in your neighborhood? She should be coming to visit our older child in the very near future, and I want to make sure she doesn't cheap out on him! :o)

(Congrats, Bud, on your first loose tooth!)

3 thoughts on “What does your Tooth Fairy pay?”

  1. The tooth fairy that visits our house typically leaves $1, but the last time Wil lost a tooth, the tooth fairy was several days last due to “tooth emergencies” (or in people terms – forgetfullness) and left $3 along with an apology letter which convinced him that the tooth fairy wasn’t a “meanie who didn’t care about his tooth!” I am positive she will NEVER forget again!

  2. The tooth fairy I know pays $1/tooth (and “she” even folds the dollar into cool shapes), but the tooth-losing kid in the house complains that this is not enough (and is not impressed by the cool dollar shapes!) 🙂 Congrats to G on the wiggly tooth! 🙂

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