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Make the shift from taking thousands of photos

and just letting them pile up in your camera roll,

rarely or never to be enjoyed again,

to getting your photos off your phone

and into a tangible form that you can hold in your hands

and enjoy —no technology required!

In this on-demand master class, you will learn:


four different ways to do something with your photos — from simply printing them and stashing them in boxes, to designing (simply!) digital scrapbooks of your favorite photos, and a couple of methods in between.


the pros and cons of each of the four simple methods. We’ll be honest about the best and worst parts of each method, so you can make am educated decision about which road you want to travel as you begin preserving your photos and memories.


what you need to get started for each of the four methods. For one method, you simply need a printer you can trust to provide prints that will outlive you. For other methods, you might need a few supplies, or even software, to help you along the way. I’ll explain the needs of each of the four simple methods, and provide recommendations for brands and online stores where you can find quality supplies.


tips for success. Over the years, I have used each of these four methods, and I’ll provide you with my best tips for success. From tips to ensure your supplies are archival-quality, to tips for saving time and headaches, these pro tips will help ensure you get off to the best possible start in your preservation journey!


about a program that can help you produce artist-quality layouts and albums with very little time and effort on your part. I’ll introduce you to my favorite method of capturing memories and favorite photos, and I’ll make it easy for you to do the same. You’ll be amazed at how easy this process can be!

You’re about to finally start enjoying the full value of your photos!

We are living in a time when most photos don’t see the light of day, beyond a quick post on a social media feed, even though we have thousands of photos in our pockets or purses.

But the value in those photos lies in their ability to capture a sliver of time, a moment that will become more and more valuable the farther it slips into the past.

Unfortunately, most of us never see the photos we’ve taken more than a year ago. That’s because our photos are trapped on devices or on social media accounts that make it difficult to seek, find and enjoy photos from our past.

It’s time to stop our photos from falling into the technological abyss. It’s time to get our favorite photos off of our phones and into a format we can quickly and easily enjoy at a moment’s notice. It’s time we let the power of our photos see its full potential by doing something with our photos — something more than sharing them on social media.

Join me for this on-demand master class to finally start enjoying the full value of your favorite photos and memories!


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A personal invitation from Corie

Years ago, we took photos on special occasions or special outings, shot 24 to 36 photos at a time, then developed and printed our photos as soon as a roll of film was finished.

My, have things changed.

Now, we carry cameras in our pockets and purses, snap photos almost daily — and very rarely, if ever, print our photos.

We’re doing ourselves a disservice and robbing ourselves of the chance to relive today’s memories years from now, because we’ll likely never go back and visit the photos we take today if they’re trapped on our devices.

In order to fully enjoy our memories in the future, we need to do something with our photos today. But how do you get started? What are your options? Which method should you choose?

My goal with this master class is to give you four options — from very simple to more complex (but simplified in its own right) — for tackling your growing photo library.

I hope you’ll join me, then be encouraged and inspired to start doing something with your photos today.

Sign up now and take the course at your convenience. Plan to devote 90 minutes to this information-packed course!

Corie Farnsley
Owner and Founder, Story Squad by CorComm Creative
Owner and Founder, CorComm Creative

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