Time with grandma…captured

My very good friend recently lost her grandma, and it made me stop and remember how short life is…and how fortunate I am to still have a grandmother (and a step-grandmother) who's living. Tonight we got to visit a little with Grandma Thomson at my mom's pumpkin-carving party. It wasn't exactly sit-and-get-to-know-each-other-better time, nor did we really even think about it specifically as a day to visit with Grandma (it was all about the pumpkins and my sister & brother-in-law's mid-year graduations) but it was another day and another memory to be made. (And I am now kicking myself for not getting any pictures of her there, I don't think.)

Anyway, as I sat down tonight to find some pictures to scrapbook while I watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters (my guilty pleasures), I came across a couple from last Easter, when all of us took time to have individual family pictures taken with Grandma. Perfect! I'm so glad we did this. I wish the photo of all five of us had a couple of better smiles, but I'm not complaining. These pictures will be treasured for a long, long time.

2008 03 23 Easter with Grandma

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