The laughs and cries of Little E


That's my cute little daughter "brushing" my handsome but bald (he disagrees…not bald, he says, just short-haired) husband's hair. Too funny! Most days, she really brightens our life. She has such a cute and lively personality, and the best laugh ever.

But then there's the hopefully-it's-just-a-phase defiant, grouchy and bull-headed little girl. I have to admit I have some of those qualities some times, but this one, well, she can really lay it on thick lately. And how is this for a pitiful picture?


Little E is starting to feel the consequences (finally) of her actions the other day. Her toyless room is quite pitiful, really. It's nice to walk into a clean room, but E, who really doesn't have any interest in movies, but LOVES her babies and toys, had a little bit of trouble entertaining herself last night. She lost her toys (all of them) over the weekend as a result of bad behavior (fits, saying No, defiance, hitting and kicking Mommy, etc. … to an extreme extent), and she's just now starting to realize how stinky that is. I do kind of feel for her, but yesterday she hit me again, so she's lost everything until Thursday now. Hopefully she'll be nice today so she can get everything back! Good luck, girl! Goodness, I hope this is just a phase! I'm rooting for you, E. You can do it.

(Not sure what happened to my formatting – text size and maybe font – but Typepad's not letting me change it back. Ugh!)

By the way, I reread my last post this morning, and it seemed a little unfair to Chad's family. Don't get me wrong: We had a nice Thanksgiving and had a good meal at Cracker Barrel. We were just happy to have some time with them, especially because we don't often get together with both his mom and brother's family at the same time. Also, I can't say enough about his mom. Anita is excellent about being flexible around my family. She never complains, and we do spend most holidays with my family. So I give her lots of credit for that. I just feel like, because of the size of my family and the set-in-stone holiday times, sometimes Chad's family gets the raw end of the deal. I'm very aware of that. And I'm very aware of the fact that his family is great about working around my family when scheduling our get-togethers. So thanks, Anita and family. I do appreciate it!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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