The cutest nose-pickers around

It's been a busy week, and I have lots of new photos to share with all of you if I can make some time tomorrow. We shall see. We had a lot going on this week — including G's soccer wrap-up, his Cub Scouts pumpkin carving, E's adorable performance at her school program, G's Pumpkin Run at school (where he ran 2.25 miles!) a walk downtown for JDRF for my friend Becky's son Riley, and the kids' first-ever jumps in fall leaves in our front yard. (After 8.5 years here, we finally have enough leaves to require raking!)

I haven't had time to download all of the pictures, let alone get them edited into something interesting, but I hope to do that soon. I especially want to share the pics of the kids in the leaves. I took some sequence shots that show the kids in motion with hilarious looks on their faces as they jump in the tiny pile of leaves. Too funny. Anyway, check back later. Maybe we'll all get lucky and I'll get them posted before the month ends!

In the meantime, I have to share this scrapbook page I did a week or two ago, because I love the picture in the bottom right. My kids will kill me some day for posting this, but I think it's hilarious! The photo was completely unprovoked. After a couple of minutes of me taking pics of them, they just forgot I was there! Enjoy! (Click on the photo for a larger version.)


PS I haven't seen Chip in the past two days, but I did see an Animal Control van in our neighborhood on Thursday. Cross your fingers. This would be a terrible time for G to "lose" Chip, given all of his recent thoughts about losing people in his life. (We had another conversation tonight at bedtime. It's been a daily conversation for the past week or so.)

2 thoughts on “The cutest nose-pickers around”

  1. This is the first time to see the famous “nosepickers” page. How cute! I accidentally caught Willow on camera picking her nose on her field trip. Maybe I should make a nosepicker page, too! 🙂

  2. LOL! E’s the cutest lil’ nosepicker I’ve ever seen! 😉 And like you said…at least she’s brave enough to do some “public picking” and to have it caputured forever in mommy’s photo! 🙂 Too cute. And I just have to say that this is the sweetest page of daddy reading to his kiddos. Love it. Miss you guys and hope all is well!

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