Thankful for a self-entertainer


Today was supposed to be the day things returned to "normal" around here—the kids were supposed to be back to school and day care after spring break; Chad was supposed to be back to work after his own spring break; and I was supposed to have a quiet house for a full day of work…a change from last week, when I was fitting work in around the kids' and Chad's schedules (and wishing I could have taken the week off, too).

I have to say, I was looking forward to it…even needing it.

But things have a way of not going as planned around here, and so we woke up to a little girl with two pink eyes. Yep. She was bound for home. Chad couldn't take the day off; he was off all last week and is planned to be off again this coming Thursday through Monday. (He's using up his saved vacation time before he loses it at the end of the month.) So, despite a busy day of work for me, including a big, looming deadline, it was Mommy's duty to take care of my little girl at home and keep her from infecting her playmates at school.

Thank goodness for our little self-entertainer.

There have been many instances in her four short years that I have been thankful for her ability to entertain herself. There are the three seasons of G's baseball games, three seasons of his soccer games, countless Sunday mornings in church (before she was old enough for Sunday school), funerals and numerous other times when I have been thankful that a coloring book, a purse full of toys or a baby doll and blanket could sidetrack her imagination just long enough to get us through necessary times.

Today, I was aware of this once again. Her pediatrician describes her as a classic introvert, a description I admittedly cringed a little upon hearing, but one that absolutely has its benefits. Her quiet reserve will serve her well in her lifetime in many ways, I'm sure, and for now, it serves us well, too. I was able to get some work done today, with just a handful of interruptions by a sweet little voice asking her mama to play with her or get her started playing with her Play-doh. The rest of the day, she was perfectly content watching her favorite movie, "Polar Express," a couple of times (in pieces, anyway); coloring; doing puzzles and making Doh-y creations. The workday wasn't a complete loss after all. And I treated my girl to her favorite lunch as a little token of my appreciation. Then she promptly gave her Happy Meal toy to her big brother when he got home. I love this girl.

2 thoughts on “Thankful for a self-entertainer”

  1. I’m all for self-entertainers! Actually all 4 of ours seem to be the same way and I am so grateful for it cuz it often allows me to get a few things done around the house each day. And I don’t see E as a classic introvert. I think she just needs to warm up to people…and that’s fairly common for most kids (and adults). Hope the “pink eyes” are better. That must be going around that area…Kev’s mom (and dad) had it too (the worst case ever)…ick 🙁 Miss you guys and praying for the house/land issues!

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