Summer rides in the bike trailer

Another page to share! And it's another from 2007. Not sure why, but I've been in the mood to scrap some older pics of the kiddos lately. Enjoy!


One of our favorite summertime activities is going for a bike ride. Daddy often goes on long rides (sometimes 20 miles or so at a time), but occasionally we’ll join him for a shorter ride. You both pile into the bike trailer (it can hold up to 100 pounds)—with your helmets, shoulders and legs touching each other—and enjoy a snug little, four-and-a-half-mile ride. The fresh air keeps you calm and happy, and you couldn’t be cuter!

Credits: All elements from Shabby Princess, Happy Go Lucky kit.

1 thought on “Summer rides in the bike trailer”

  1. How fun! We just borrowed our friend’s bike trailor so we can try some outings with all six of us. Chad makes it look easy, but we’ll see how it goes for Kev and our gang! Love all the old pics and all the scrap pages you’re doing 🙂

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