Sports Album: Baseball

Gabe played baseball from age 5 to age 17, multiple times a year, so we are swimming in baseball photos! I wanted to make sure the main team and player photos were scrapped, so I created a template that I could use for all of his seasons, just changing out the paper and embellishments. You’ll notice that a couple of pages don’t follow the template. Those were likely created before I thought about going the template route!

I will admit that I didn’t get every season scrapped. Fall ball and a couple of other leagues didn’t take team photos, so I don’t have those documented. I still have thousands of pictures I can scrap; I just haven’t gotten through all of them yet!

I have a BUNCH of action photos I wish I could get scrapped. But honestly, it’s looking a little less likely every day that I will get those done. After what is supposed to be his graduation, I will likely move on to trying to get more photos of Ella and Joshua scrapbooked. I’ll try to let go of what I don’t have done for Gabe…for now. (Letting go is not my strength!)

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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