Sometimes they love each other

2009 08 04 Kids together at Ridgway park white back

Today was filled with lots of moments when they weren't quite so lovey with each other. (I'd rather see moments like this one, trust me!) It didn't keep us from having a good day, though. It's been nice to have two days off of work for the kids' spring break. We've all needed it!


OK, so I know having each other as siblings won’t always make you this happy (it certainly hasn’t always to date), but the fact that there are, in fact, moments like these…well, it just makes me happy. I love seeing you having fun and loving each other. Thank you for sharing that love with me.


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1 thought on “Sometimes they love each other”

  1. Yet another beautiful picture of your beautiful kids, Cor. Love it! They really do look like best friends don’t they?! I love moments like these…where they simply enjoy each other. Reminds me of how good God is and how greatly we are blessed. Can’t imagine life w/o our kiddos!

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