So good to be home

I love coming home almost as much as I love going on vacation. For some reason, the process of coming home after being gone for a while awakens my senses to all of the things I love about my family, my home, my animals, my way of life. I need that reminder on occasion.

Coming home (yesterday's thoughts)…

I love hurrying down the airport terminal hallway in anticipation of seeing my husband again.
I love that first hug and kiss with my hubby after being apart for a while.
I love the scent of his cologne.
I love catching up with my hubby on the way home from the airport.
I love pulling onto our street and knowing I'm almost home.
I love hearing the dogs bark inside the house because they know someone's home when the garage door opens.
I love being bombarded by two big dogs who missed me.
I love seeing my house after being away for a while.
I love that my husband and kids cleaned the house before I returned.
I love that my husband bought me flowers to welcome me home.
I love going in to each of my kids' rooms and giving big hugs and kisses to sleepy little ones.
I love unpacking my stuff and getting settled back into my routine.
I love having space to myself in the bathroom again. (Chad doesn't take any space at all!)
I love sleeping in my own bed again.
I love sleeping next to my husband again.
I love my cats sleeping at my feet and on my pillow.
I love my dog sleeping right next to my side of the bed.

(and today…)

I love waking up to my alarm and getting started on an average day.
I love that both kids come in and give me giant hugs (now that they're awake and really realize I'm home) while I'm still in bed.
I love that my little girl wanted me to get her ready this morning. (Daddy usually does that when I'm in the shower.)
I love that Chad took both kids to school (bus stop & day care) so I could have some extra time to get ready this morning.
I love that I have today off, sort of, with only one lunch meeting on the calendar.
I love that I could take care of house stuff—paying bills, unpacking—without having to immediately worry about my workload.
I love that my desk is still clean.
I love that I got mail (paychecks!) while I was gone, and now I get to open them all at once.
I love that the weekend will be here soon.
I love being back to "normal."

I loved my vacation, too; don't get me wrong. But there's something wonderful about home when you've been gone. I'm feeling very appreciative of home and my little family today. I want to feel like this every day.

Have a good Thursday, everyone.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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