Snow attack!


It's been a while since we've seen a foot of snow in one night, but Wednesday morning we awoke to more than a foot of the white stuff blanketing our little corner of the world. (They said on the news that this is the worst snow storm we've had in 13 years.) Schools were closed (were today, too), and the kids were forced to stay home. Work was quickly out of the question for me on Wednesday, so we bundled up in three layers each, head to toe, and (a half hour later) braved the cold and went for it. The kids were in heaven for about an hour and a half, until both of them started shivering so badly from being wet and cold that we had to quickly retreat indoors. I actually was a little afraid E might have stayed out too long; she took about a half hour once inside and dry to stop shivering and calm down. She was crying hysterically and had the coldest fingers, toes, legs and tush ever. A little mug of hot chocolate seemed to do the trick and calmed her down a bit. That and a quick call to Daddy, who made it into work unlike the majority of the state of Indiana.

Here are a few highlights of the day.




I love seeing Molly outside in the snow. It brings out the puppy in her (even though she's nearly 9 years old). She LOVES digging her snout in it and actually was trying to get Maddie to play with her. Unfortunately, Maddie's 40-foot lead was stuck to the post in the back yard, so all we had was a leash to tie her to the tree with. So she didn't get very far. She wasn't happy about that, but at least she was outside. If we let her off the leash, she'd be gone in a heartbeat. I'm not sure she'll ever be as good as Molly about staying in our yard without being attached to something. Time will tell, I guess.







Who needs white sandy beaches?


If it weren't so much work to get the kids layered up—and then strip them of multiple layers of cold, wet clothes when we're done—we would have gone out again today. But we stayed inside and I worked instead. G was bummed about that. We sent E to day care so I could get some work done. Maybe we'll brave the cold and get out again this weekend. I think the snow's going to be around for a while. We're supposed to get more accumulating snow on Monday. Let's pray we don't have another snow day (for Mommy's sanity). :o)  Oh, and by the way, the snow was not good packing snow. Otherwise, we would have had snowman pictures to share! Before we went outside, G and E both were worried that we didn't have carrots in the house. ("We have to fix it!" said E.) What good is a snowman without a carrot nose? Well, kiddos, as long as you're living in this house, you'll have to improvise for Frosty's sniffer!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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