You sure are a shy little girl. You usually hold onto Daddy’s or my legs—or our necks if we’re holding you—when we walk into school or any other new place. You don’t often answer people when they say hello or good-bye or compliment you on something, even if you know well the person talking to you. You don’t intend to be rude or unhappy (and admittedly I sometimes worry that people will think you do); you’re just a little shy. You take a while to warm up to other people in any situation, and until you have had some time to adjust, you’re just more comfortable not talking. But once you get settled, you’re friendly with other kids and love to laugh and play.

I was a shy child, and I know how it makes things difficult sometimes, especially at times of change — like changing schools, changing classes, meeting friends and going places without friends. I can sense that you feel the awkward discomfort sometimes. And I wish I could help you break out of your shell.

It’s good to be reserved, though. Being cautious is a good thing, and I think being shy helps you make “good” friends easier than being outgoing and befriending everyone. You’ll know who your friends are as you go through life, because you’ll be careful about who you open up to all along the way. I think you’ll also be more trusting and loyal, which are good traits to have! So don’t worry about being shy, sweet E. There might be times that people make you feel like being shy is a bad thing. And I want you to remember that it’s not. It’s simply who you are, and we love you for it. Your true friends will, too. I love you!

Journaling: Started August 2008. Continued while designing layout, March 2010. Photo: Aug. 25, 2008.


  • Dark blue background paper, flowers: Traci Reed & Meghan Mullens, 10 Things kit
  • Bright blue background paper: Jan Hosford, Playing Hooky kit
  • Photo corner: Misty Cato, Exuberance kit
  • Fonts: Delicious (journaling); good eatin' (title)

1 thought on “Shy”

  1. What a beautiful picture of your sweet girl. I love her personality and it sure doesn’t take long for her to warm up to people. I think cautious is a good thing too! 🙂 I was always shy as well (still am at times)…and I’m proud of it 🙂 You go, E! 🙂

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