She’s here…our newest baby!


So her name's no longer Bella, and we're not 100% sure she's a Labradoodle (maybe some other kind of Lab mix, or maybe she is a Labradoodle?), and she's not 3 years old (she's 2), but this little girl sure is a sweetheart, and we're so happy to welcome her home!

Meet Maddie, the newest member of our seemingly ever-growing family. Her name was suggested by G and happens to be the same name as a little girl at school he thinks is pretty cute. E had suggested the name Anna (Anna Banana, officially), but that's my middle name and it just didn't roll off the tongue like Maddie did. Plus, with a Molly already in our midst, Molly and Maddie sounded pretty cute together! So Maddie it is.

Daddy gave her a good bath last night…


… after we found out she couldn't be groomed until she had her rabies shot. The shot can't happen until at least tomorrow, and we couldn't keep her quite so dirty at home. So she's a clean little one now, and she is much better to pet! She still needs to be groomed, because her hair is just completely wild right now! Her hair is what makes me wonder if maybe she's a Lab mixed with something other than a poodle. I don't know enough about Labradoodles to know for sure. Her hair is course, and there are patches of a couple of different shades of light brown. Some patches are significantly longer in length than others, too. Her face looks a lot like a Labradoodle, but that could be because it looks very much like a Lab!

Anyway, the animals we had already seem to be handling her OK, with the exception of perhaps Lucy, who flew out from under the bed, hissing and swatting at her. She came out only after she knew Maddie was in her crate for the night last night. Lucy has always been a little shy around strange animals. It took her quite a while to come out from under our bed when we first adopted her, and at that time we only had two other animals!

Cole is surprisingly brave around her, which is just strange, since Cole spends most of every day hiding under E's bed (at least when the kids are at home). He walked right up to her in the hallway yesterday when he met her for the first time. It was rather sweet, because Maddie just sat still, and, I swear, when Cole got close, she stuck her paw straight out in the air next to Cole's face for him to smell her. It was just strange…almost human. (Of course, it might be her way of telling Cole she's the dominant one between them.) Cole sniffed her paw — which likely still smelled like the pound — and then calmly turned and walked away. He was quite brave last night. But then this morning, Maddie came flying out of her crate like a rocket after I dropped G off at the bus stop, and Cole hissed and flew through the air, grabbing onto the counch and trying to escape. Maddie thought that was pretty funny and took off after him. Her long legs help her move FAST. But Cole managed to get out of the way.

Then there's Molly. Maddie wants to eat Molly's food (formulated for senior, inactive dogs), and Molly wants to eat Maddie's food (for active, younger dogs), so that might be a challenge. They get along just fine, although Molly doesn't seem completely sold on the idea of another wild dog in the house. I think it might take a few days for them to get completely used to each other's company. But I'm hopeful they'll eventually be great friends. I think they will.


Maddie is a nut for attention. She wants to be pet a lot, and she wants to make sure that if you're loving on one of the kids or giving Molly attention that you don't forget about her, too. She's just a love bug, and she's trying to figure out where she fits in the family.

It's pretty clear she's had a family before, not only because she's been taught "sit" and "shake," but also because she sort of hesitated yesterday as she contemplated jumping on the couch, and she only actually went for it once I tucked down the hall. So hopefully we won't have much trouble with her on the furniture. She did jump up on our bed (without much effort; she's much taller and more agile than Molly) this morning, licking my face to wake me up. Chad had let her out of her crate a few minutes earlier.

She's also a chewer. Poor Mom — who drove E and me to the Humane Society yesterday in her van while Chad and G went to G's Cub Scouts space derby event — now has a doggy bed with a big hole in it. She chewed it up pretty quickly in the van on the way home yesterday. It was a long ride, and she got tired of standing next to me trying to see out the window, so she went to the back of the van, grabbed the corner of the bed Molly was lying in, pulled the bed out from under Molly (who just calmly stood up and got off to let her have it), then huddled in the corner beyond my reach and took a big chunk out of the corner. (I'm sorry, Mom!) At home, she grabbed the little pillow E takes to school and started thrashing her head back and forth. Chad put a stop to that pretty quickly, and she didn't touch the pillow again after that, but we'll have to keep an eye on her! (This could be challenging while I work, although right now she's curled up and sleeping, so she's no trouble at all.)

Well, it's a little strange to have such an active dog in the house again, but I think she's going to be a good addition to our family. She seems to have a little puppy left in her, and I'm going to have to face the cold and take her for regular walks (something that does not interest Molly at all), but that will be good for both of us. The puppy-like behavior will hopefully be nipped in the bud soon, when we get her to classes at Indy K-9 Kollege, the obedience school owned by a friend of mine who worked with me at St. Francis. We took Molly there and LOVED it. It's in Beech Grove, so Maddie willl enjoy weekly car rides, too!

Oh, and before I forget, E did awesome with her yesterday and this morning. She's sometimes (often) scared of big and little dogs, so we were worried. But she did great at the Humane Society, even staying put on the ground when they were both loose, not asking to be held. And Maddie was WILD when I got there yesterday. She is definitely not a dog that thrives when being holed up in a cage (go figure!)!

4 thoughts on “She’s here…our newest baby!”

  1. Maddie is beautiful! Congratulations on the adoption. I’m glad the kids like her so much. I’m sure Molly will come around after a few days when she realizes her new friend isn’t going away!
    Can’t wait to meet her!

  2. Hurray!!! I read the posts in order, so I didn’t see this one before I commented on the last page. Oops! Anyway, Congrats!!!! Thank you for saving this little girl. She sure is cute! 🙂 We got our Cattle dog from the Humane Society when he was about 10 months, so I can totally relate to the new dog trying to find his/her place syndrome. If you need any advice, let me know, we’ve been through just about everything with our two at this point, and they are best friends now so it all worked out great. 🙂

  3. Welcome, Maddie! You sure are a cutie, especially that last pic of you looking very lady-like with your legs crossed 🙂 Congrats Chad and Cor and G and E and gang…so glad the newest member of the family is doing well and fitting right in. Nothing like a family of 9 to keep things busy…but like I always say, “a full house means a full heart”. Enjoy them all! P.S. Don’t tell our kids about your newest member…Hailey has been begging for a dog…or a kitten or anything small and cuddly for Christmas…but mama just can’t take a house of 10 right now 🙂 But, what a fun early Christmas Maddie is for you! Enjoy! Miss you guys!!

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