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Scrapbook Layout Share: Soccer, Sophomore Year

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I LOVE taking photos of my kids’ soccer games. My photography background is in photojournalism, so I naturally am drawn to photos that capture action and emotion. My passion for photos that capture real life as it happens comes with just one draw-back: The fact that I have to sort through and narrow down tons and tons and tons and tons of photos before I can document an event (or, in this case, a season).

I frequently design layouts that include a LOT of photos! And when I have a lot of photos — particularly a lot of photos that were taken on different days and under varying lighting conditions — grid layouts are my go-to designs. The grid keeps things tidy visually while providing some structure and cohesiveness among the photos. In effect, they end up serving as one large element on the layout, rather than a bunch of smaller ones competing for attention.

Haven’t given grids a try? I highly recommend it!

Here’s the journaling on the layout above, if you’re interested in reading it.

Ella, this was a great year for you!

You were a starting player on the junior varsity team. You were a little bummed not to make the varsity team, but the varsity squad already had enough upperclassman forwards, and forward was your primary position. It all worked out well this way, though, because you got a LOT more playing time on JV than the younger players did on varsity. And the JV players seemed to enjoy themselves on the field a little more than the varsity team did. Just my observation!

As a forward, you were able to take several shots on goal throughout the season. You scored the first Danville goal of the first game of the season, and then, in what we thought would be your last game of the season*, you scored THREE more! (JV Coach Andy Kult ended up taking you out of the game early for that one, in order to let some other players have a chance to score.) In that same game, you nailed a corner kick right into the goal. That “hat trick” was AMAZING! You made it look easy!

Corner kicks are definitely one of your strongest talents. In fact, you are the team’s go-to kicker for those. You are able to create a curve toward the goal no matter what side of the field you’re on. And you have a powerful kick. Best of all, those corner kicks seem to light you up. They’re your thing. You are great at them!

Your dad, Joshua and I love watching you play soccer. And I love seeing photos where you have a smile on your face while playing. It makes me happy that you decided to play on the school team this year, after all. At the end of last season, you were pretty adamant that you wouldn’t play again. But given that a big part of the disappointment from that season lay in the fact that some of the then-seniors were simply rather unpleasant and unkind to the freshmen, you were willing to give it another shot after they graduated. I’m so glad you did!

* Varsity Coach Sean Adams ended up letting the JV team play half of the last game of the varsity’s season at the last minute. This was largely due to the fact that the JV team had many full games cut down to half games during the season. While that is somewhat normal for JV (on weeknights, when JV plays after varsity, some away fields don’t have lights, and darkness causes games to be cut short), COVID-19 didn’t help. A couple of games were canceled due to opposing teams’ player shortages due to players being quarantined after being exposed to coronavirus. Thankfully, though, you did get somewhere close to a dozen games in. Not all were full games, but at least you got to play!


  • Kit: Kickin’ and Screamin’ by Libby Pritchett (no longer available, but purchased from Sweet Shoppe Designs)
  • Fonts: Collegiate, Amasis Light

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