Road trip! (We thought we were crazy, but we survived)

This summer, we packed up the car and spent 23 hours on the road over two days to get out to my dad and stepmom's house in Colorado. With two young kids, many people thought we were nuts—and admittedly, we wondered about that ourselves. But we survived…and even had a little fun! Here are a couple of pages to document the adventure.

2009 07 31 - 08 01 Road trip - us

Journaling: •• Our first-ever road trip adventure to Colorado. Photos: July 31 and Aug. 1, 7 & 8, 2009. •• (Top row, from left) E found lots of enjoyment with the portable DVD player we purchased just for the trip. • G (aside from watching lots of movies) spent TONS of time with his Nintendo DS game system. He’s usually limited to a total of two hours a week, so unlimited DS time was awesome for him! • We eventually resorted to rolling up the kids’ blankets in the windows to keep the sun from pounding down on them. • (Second row) G was SO happy when he woke up from a nap and realized we were in the mountains! • E entertained herself with her sticker book, one of many treasures in her goodie bag. • One of the many beautiful sights on the road home. • (Bottom row) This was my perch most of the time—the passenger seat! • G watches the mountains in awe. • G and E LOVED staying at a hotel (even a dumpy one!). Here they are about midnight on our first day. • (Next page) The kids didn’t sleep as often as we had hoped! • Chad drove most of the way!

(Yep…I had a typo on the journaling if you're looking at the JPG. Oops!)


  • Background paper: KTeague, Dirty Stocks, Two Peas in a Bucket


  • Journaling: Gloucester MT Extra Condensed
  • "On the:" Black Jack
  • "Road:" Impact.

2009 07 31 - 08 01 Road trip to CO - details


  • Stats in middle strip across both pages: Danville, Ind., to Ridgway, Colo. • States traveled: Indiana (1 hr, 5 mins), Illinois (2 hrs, 3 mins), Missouri (4 hrs, 31 mins), Kansas (7 hrs, 0 mins) and Colorado (9 hrs, 8 mins). Times are for trip there, including breaks. •• TIME IN THE CAR • Both ways, we spent more time driving on Friday (just more than 13 hours each). On the way there: 23 hours, 43 minutes (or 19 hours, 45 minutes not counting breaks). On the way home: 24 hours, 10 minutes (or 20 hours, 17 minutes not counting breaks). 1348.5 miles on the way there + 384.9 miles while in Ridgway + 1395 miles on the way back = 3128.4 miles total
  • Bottom: RIGHT PAGE: (Photos from left) As evening came on Friday, July 31, stormy weather rolled in. We were in Kansas, listening to tornado warning announcements for Gove County on the radio, not knowing what county we were driving through. Soon, this clear spot—which was right along our path and which I thought was a gift from God—closed in, and storms surrounded us. We soon saw a sign pointing to the town of Gove and discovered we were, in fact, in Gove County. I happened to be driving at the time and was NOT happy! (I hate tornados!) There was nothing for miles—no exits, no shelter…just miles of open land (kind of like the next picture). Thankfully, though, we made it through the storms with no trouble. • This was the view from the eastern portion of Colorado. Much of our drive through Kansas and Colorado looked like this! • On the way there, we learned the hard way that just driving until we were tired and THEN searching for a hotel was not a great idea. With summer being a busy season for car travelers, every mainstream hotel we stopped at in Colby, Kansas, was full. After stopping at a couple of hotels, we finally started calling all of the mainstream hotels listed in our AAA book. All were full. We also called to the only three hotels listed for the next exit, Goodland, and all three of those were full as well. Desperate, we finally found one motel, The Crown Inn, with three vacancies. We hurried there and grabbed what we could get, trying to outrun several other travelers we had been bouncing among hotels with. The place left much to be desired, but it had two beds and allowed us to get some sleep! (We picked our stop for the night and called ahead a few hours early for the trip back! We were determined to get a decent hotel!) • The destination was worth the effort! Traveling through Colorado was absolutely beautiful!
  • I-70: We entered I-70 near home in Indiana and traveled on it until we reached 977.6 miles into the trip. On the way back, we were on I-70 for 1269.7 miles. (We took an alternate route.)


  • Patterned paper in background: KTeague, Dirty Stocks, Two Peas in a Bucket
  • Font: Avenir


In other stuff around here, today is the first day of Karen Russell's Online Photographers' Workshop…and I couldn't be more excited! I'll hopefully be sharing some of my assignment work on my good ol' blog over the next 10 weeks. Stay tuned!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your newest road trip page. Awesome, Cor! The pics are hilarious…of your “in-transit” fam 🙂 And I love the breakdown of your trip with the map and state signs. You truly do have the best scrapbook pages I’ve ever seen…so unique. What a great legacy of memories you are leaving your kiddos. I wish I had the initiative to do that. You should be proud.
    And we miss you guys too!! Once we get back from our cruise in late Oct. we should definitely make a point to hang out. We have most of Nov. free so we’ll make a point to do that. Hope you guys are hanging in there with your crazy schedule. Love ya, Kel 🙂

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