Pumpkin pickin’

Just a layout share before I hit the hay. Photos from a few weekends ago.

2008 10 12 Pumpkin patch

Here's the journaling:

Beasley’s Orchard is one of our favorite fall destinations. We wait for AppleFest in October and then head to the orchard for a hayride, apple cider and, of course, pumpkin pickin’. This year, the pumpkins were absolutely enormous, so it took us quite a while trekking down many aisles before we found pumpkins you both could lift on your own. The three pumpkins in the picture at left are the ones we finally ended up with. You both surprised us by picking small pumpkins, and I got the other one, just so we’d be sure to have something to carve at your nana’s pumpkin-carving party. • This is one of my favorite photo opportunities of fall. I love these pictures. I especially love the shot of you, G***, that shows your personality so clearly and the sweet one of you, E***, crouching by your pumpkin. You’re both at such cute ages! I love you! • 10.12.08

Hope you're all enjoying fall! We are loving the warm weather in Indy. We'll enjoy 70s for one or two more days, and then the storms will come Thursday and the cold will set back in. I heard the high is something like 48 on Saturday. Ugh. So we're enjoying the fresh air and open windows for a couple of days. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves, too.

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  1. Sorry…wasn’t clear in my note above. The *software* is about $100, not the class!
    Oh, and Jessica has a couple of different classes, depending on your skill level.

  2. Kelly, you definitely should dig into digital scrapbooking! There’s no mess – everything’s on your trusty computer – and the pages come together so much more quickly than traditional pages. That’s a good combination for busy moms! :o) (Plus, you can use the same “piece of paper” and other embellishments over and over and over again. You can change the colors of elements or papers if you want something different. And there’s a lot of free stuff online too!) Anyway, I’d love to get you started, but given how often we see each other (and how crazy our houses are when we combine our six kids), I thought I’d pass along an awesome source for learning the digital scrapbooking thing. Jessica Sprague has an online class for people using Photoshop Elements (it’s about $100, I believe). Michele is taking it and has really gotten into it. Here’s the link: http://www.jessicasprague.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=606&catid=35:general-class-information. Hope that works OK. If it doesn’t post right, just go to http://www.jessicasprague.com, and in the top right, there’s a section that says “Hi! Are you new to this?” and follow that info. Her classes are around $45. I know it sounds like a lot to but the software and take the class, but trust me, you’d spend a LOT more on the regular scrapbooking supplies (as you probably remember)! And you can use these for the rest of your life if you want! :o) Go for it! It’s fun! :o)

  3. Adorable pics, Cor! They truly show the wonderful personalities of your sweet kiddos. I love pumpkin patches…and yours looks very official (i.e. our sad patch had pumpkins brought in from elsewhere and guys had to take them out and throw them in the patch to make it look legit…very confusing to our kids :)). You’ll have to let me know where that orchard is…maybe we can try it next year?! And someday when things slow down I’d love to have you show me how to do the digital scrapbook pages. I am really starting to get motivated to use them. I need to get a move-on when it comes to scrappin’!! You remind me of that every time I see your scrap pages! And don’t remind me about the upcoming crummy weather. I am loving this 70 degrees in November. Too bad I have a sick kid and can’t enjoy the outdoors 🙁 Love ya!

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