Playing in the Rain

2009 06 16 Dairy Queen playing in rain
Photos from June 16.

Journaling: Leave it to kids to make the best of a dreary situation! We were supposed to be celebrating the end of G’slast pee-wee baseball season with his teammates. Chad was coach, and we were treating everyone to Dairy Queen. The game scheduled for this night was rained out, but we decided to go ahead and take the kids to DQ anyway. While the parents huddled under umbrellas and the small building’s awning, a handful of the kids (including you two) decided they’d rather get a little wet. Chad and I don’t typically encourage playing in the rain. It’s not that we don’t think the kids would enjoy it; it’s just because we typically are busy and don’t often have a chance (or take advantage of a chance) to just enjoy the rain. Besides, it’s usually storming when it rains in Indiana! But today, we decided to let you enjoy yourselves. It started with a cautious giggle as you stepped out from under the umbrellas. It didn’t take long, though, before you were completely soaked…and completely loving it! Soon, you were joined by Kaden, Hailey and Lainey, and you were having a ball trying to get soaked by passing cars. It was just as enjoyable for us to sit back and watch you enjoy yourselves, having fun like kids are supposed to do. I think we’ll play in the rain more often!

Sources: All elements from Americana Mini Kit from Heather Ann Designs. Fonts: Effloresce and Avenir.

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