Our first Maddie emergency…yes, already!

Well, we had had Maddie barely more than 24 hours when I had to call the vet in an emergency today around 4:30 p.m. G and I had just come home from running a couple of errands, when G let her out of the crate. Maddie, of course, bounced out and blasted toward me. I petted her for a few seconds before I realized there was blood going everywhere with every swoop of her very happy, speedily sweeping tail. Everywhere. The kitchen was splattered in seconds: the floor, chairs, the refrigerator, the doors to the laundry closet, the stove, the walls, my jeans, G's shirt, the purse in my hands…everything within three feet in height and about15 feet in diameter was covered with hundreds of droplets of splattered blood. NOT good. I immediately called the vet, who told me to bring her in right away. The vet assistant suggested wrapping her tail in a sock and ponytail holder, but of course, she wouldn't have it. So I put her and G in the car and drove the 20 minutes to the vet with a drippy, bloody-tailed, nervous doggy.

The culprit? The concrete walls of her shelter, plus the crate in her new home, plus a very happy, very active, tail-waggin' dog. With every swipe of her tail, she was essentially wearing off a thin layer of skin cells, and today just happened to be the last straw. Her poor tail gave out (I suspect with help from a chew or two), and blood was spraying out of her. It looked like a bloody massacre in our kitchen. Chad was stuck with clean-up since I was too hurried, trying to get her to the vet (which happens to be located in an animal hospital) ASAP. He said he had considered taking a picture, which I would have happily posted here on my blog, but he thought we might be reported to someone, because it seriously looked like someone or something had been punctured or shot in there. It was awful.

After cleaning up the bloodied lobby at the animal hospital, the vet wrapped the wound with bandages and tape, but warned us she would likely get it off, so we might have to go through this again. Within about 10 minutes of getting home, she got so excited, that a swift wag of her tail made the bandage fly off, so Chad did some doctoring himself, using electrical tape (!) and medical gauze to try to get a good grip on her hairy tail. We'll see how long that lasts. I haven't gotten a picture yet…just don't have the energy to go take the picture, download it, edit it and post it. I'm completely worn out. But it's a pretty funny sight to see. Poor girl. But that's just what the doctor had said to do (except she didn't necessarily suggest electrical tape!)

I did take a few quick minutes to look up a few pictures of possible breeds for our new little one. One of the vet assistants today said she was almost sure she was a Labradoodle, but a few minutes later, the vet said she looked like a German Wire-haired Pointer. So I looked for some images online. Tell me what you think!

For comparison's sake, here's our girl. Sorry for the repeat pic, but it's the best shot of her face and coat so far. I didn't take any new pics today. (What? I know! Shocking isn't it?!)


Here are just two examples of Labradoodles. (Margo, will you send me a picture of Rowdy if you have one, please?!) Keep in mind they can come in a wide variety of colors and hair textures, even wiry like Maddie's. I see a lot of Maddie in this picture, although I think Maddie's snout might be longer and skinnier, and Maddie's body size and shape (almost Grayhound-like in the torso) is a bit different than most typical Labrador Retrievers. Hmmm…



OK, now here are a couple of pics of German Wire-haired Pointers. I can see the wiry face, shape of the eyes and shape of the ears (which are very similar to Labs). But most of the descriptions say they're brown and white, and Maddie is brown and lighter brown. One of these pics has brown-on-brown, though. But it was just one of several others I found online. The rest were brown and white. Hmm.



Anyone care to make a guess? I'm kind of hoping it's more likely Labradoodle, just because the German Wire-haired Pointers are known to needs lots of space and lots of time to run…daily…in order to keep them manageable and sane, basically. I do plan to take Maddie for daily walks, but I read on one of the sites that it would be good to take them running with you or have them run while you bike. The emphasis was on the length of the chance to run, something I am not sure I'll be able to provide in the coldest winter months. So I'm kind of rooting for Labradoodle. Either way, both dogs are known to be smart, playful, loyal and sweet with people, kids and other animals, all traits Maddie has certainly demonstrated so far. So I don't think we can go wrong in that department!

Let me know your votes! And don't let me longings for Labradoodle influence them! :o)

3 thoughts on “Our first Maddie emergency…yes, already!”

  1. I’ve been out of the loop for a while – oopsy.
    Maddie is adorable. Did I ever tell you how I ended up with my 2nd golden retriever?….yep, a trip to the humane society. I think they new I was a sucker the second I stepped foot in the door. And that’s how Conner entered my life.
    She’s beautiful and looks very happy.
    From one bleeding heart to another, congratulations!

  2. awww, poor little girl! at least it wasn’t something more serious.
    as far as the breed goes, yikes…that is hard!!! her face looks just like the pic that is the next one down. Also, while she is sort of curly, she certainly could pass for a lab if you cut it very short I think, which would make me think she’s a labradoodle!

  3. Maddie could be a first cross Labradoodle. Of course, she could also be a Standard poodle crossed with something else. Without any history, it is hard to say for sure.
    You mentioned the length of her nose looking like your Lab. Poodles, especially Standards, also have a long nose. In fact, Maddie’s bath picture looks just like my Nessy when she’s wet (she’s a backcross F1B Labradoodle – more poodle – so when she’s dry she’s a Lab in poodle curls, lol 😉
    Check out this page: http://www.goldendoodles.com/Labradoodles/ for pictures of all sorts of Labradoodles. Pictures at different ages might help you tell a little better if she’s likely got poodle in her. (Although, the lean body is certainly a poodle trait as well).
    Whatever Maddie really is, she is adorable, and I just wanted to thank you for rescuing her!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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