More Colorado beauty


On one of our drives yesterday, we spotted this wolf. Had to grab a picture. Too cool. The roads up here are death-defying, and I think I would die of a heart attack if I had to drive on them every day. The road we were on when we got this shot was probably 15 minutes straight up a mountainside…and one false move (or one patch of ice), and we could very easily have gone over the side. Stresses me out! Beautiful scenery, but I just don't think I could live here and drive on these roads on a daily basis!

Anyway…after that trip (to go check on a house Dad is overseeing while its owners are out of state), we headed into Telluride for some shopping and dinner. It's a very cute little town that's swamped with skiiers.


That's Anita crossing the street.

Everywhere you look in Telluride, there are dogs galore. They're in stores, in cars, with people, parked outside while shoppers shop…just everywhere. I love that about this town. Made me wish I had one of our dogs with us.


Today, we're planning on going snowmobiling, but it's also going to be 57 degrees in Telluride, where we're going, so we're hoping there's plenty of snow. I'm also hoping I get to feeling a bit better. This chest cold has moved into my head, and I have almost completely lost my voice. Not fun!

Chad, G and E, I love you and miss you!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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