Miscellaneous Monday: skates, a birthday and a cool quilt

I have had so many times in the last few weeks when I've caught myself thinking, "Man, I really need to update my blog!" I'm especially aware of the fact that I've been lagging because I see my Christmas card (the one that encourages people to see our blog for updated news about us) every day…and then I realize there's nothing new posted. Anyway, the thought of the 1000 or so photos backed up in my computer, begging to be sorted and (some) posted just makes me put it off another night…and then another. So today I figured I'll take it one step at a time and post something recent—then I'll worry about those other photos some other day! So here are a few miscellaneous happenings around here.

  • Santa brought both of the kids new rollerskates for Christmas, and yesterday they were itching to try them out. Because snow and ice don't make the best skating conditions, we decided to give it a go inside. It was quite amusing. We had to take a break for Cub Scouts and shopping, and while we were gone, both kept talking about their skates and wanting to put them on when we got home. So I think Santa made a couple of good choices with these. It's funny, because for a few weeks, they didn't give two hoots about them. I guess they just didn't know what they were missing!




  • I can remember the first time I tried on a pair of Rollerblades. My sister and I were in Florida with our dad and stepmom. I couldn't stop without running into a stop sign or a patch of grass, but I was hooked from that very first day. I started saving my money, and bought myself a generic brand for $60 the next time I went to visit my dad and stepmom in Florida. (They hadn't yet caught on in Indiana!) My favorite part, though, had to be all of the knee, wrist and elbow pads! Helmets weren't yet seen as important riding companions at the time, and I didn't have the money to buy the protective gear, so I was only protected on that first ride when I fell in love with in-line skating. But there was something about that protective gear that made me feel somehow like an athlete, and I loved it. Now, I look at these pics of our kiddos and I just love to see them all decked out for some good, old-fashioned roller skating. I can't wait to get them out on the road (or at least the sidewalk) this summer!
  • My little nephew turns 1 year old on the 16th, and I know I won't think to say it later this week, so: Happy birthday, Little Guy! (No, he can't read and doesn't care if I send him a big Happy Birthday, but his mommy might like to see it!) Hope you guys have fun with him, Margo and Tyler. We're looking forward to the party this weekend!

    Here they are on Christmas:


  • Last night I started the major project of combining all of my digital photos onto one external hard drive. I had been downloading them to our PC for archival, sorting and printing purposes (then backing them up to CD and external hard drive from there), and downloading to my Mac for blogging and digital scrapbooking purposes. Well, with more than 6,000 photos taken since last July alone, we have seriously more than 25,000 photos — and many of them are duplicated on two different computers. It's a major space-sucker, not to mention a major challenge! So getting them to one manageable system is imperative…and a real pain. So the process begins. Because I don't have all of my pics accessible from my Mac just yet, this is the best pic I have of my little nephew that I can get to quickly! (I don't even have ALL of my Christmas pics on this computer. I seriously made a mess of our photos on my Mac over the holidays, which is another reason I need to get organized again!) Here's to 2009 being a more organized year when it comes to photos!
  • See that quilt on our bed in the left edge of the top photo? It's a wedding quilt my mom made us. At our wedding and my showers, she had everyone who came (or tried to have everyone, at least) sign a quilt block, and then she put them together in this amazing quilt. Each signature forms the main part of a house, and there are trees and grass that come together to form this really cool little village. We have been afraid to use it, since there are buttons that make the leaves on the trees, and with kids and animals who are always on our bed, I'm a little worried it will get torn up. But it's bright and cheery, and we love seeing the names and signatures (some of people who are no longer with us), so we're enjoying it for a while. We won't use it forever, because this is one quilt I want to make sure outlasts ME. Here is one close-up shot of the quilt. I'd show you the whole bed, but that means I'd have to make it (better than tossing the covers in place) first, and I just didn't feel like it this morning! Anyway, you know how I am about sentimental stuff. So I wanted to share.


That's all for now. I was hoping to be through all of my personal stuff (daily check of bank accounts and my favorite blogs, and then the posting of an occasional blog update myself) and onto the work that provides an income by 9 a.m.! Have a good week!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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