Whatever is stopping you from creating albums with your photos, a Story Squad membership will be what gets you started.

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Unique, reusable templates delivered to your inbox every week.

PLUS! A written plan for being productive in just 20 to 30 minutes per sitting.

Courses. Tools. Community. Prizes. Layouts! Albums! Success!

You know you want to do something with your photos.

You want to print them and put them in albums so you can enjoy them quickly and easily — yet you don’t take the time to carve out hours each month to gather, sort, edit, print and bind your precious JPGs.


You don't know where to start or what to do

What's the best way to do this? Do you need special software? Will you be able to figure out how to use it?

You don't have time for one more thing

You're busy! LIFE keeps you busy enough. You don't have time to mess with your photos!

You're overwhelmed by your photos

You have YEARS' worth of photos. The thought of designing albums makes your head spin.

If any of those sounds about right, Story Squad was built especially for you!

We take photos because we want to be able to remember the moments that make us happy.

But if your photos are sitting on your phone or social media — and that’s it! — chances are, you’re not enjoying those photos easily! And if you can’t enjoy them easily, how will anyone else?

If you have kids, when they’re grown and ask to see pictures of their childhood, what will you tell them?

Most people know that an answer like, “Let’s sit down, find and scroll through my Facebook and Instagram posts about you that I posted 20 years ago,” isn’t ideal. 

(Worse, if Facebook or Instagram disappears in the next 20 years, then what??)

Q: How can you gain control over this photo problem?

A: Have someone else do the hardest parts!

You need a squad to help! Story Squad is the answer!

As part of Story Squad, you’re no longer alone, tackling a huge project! Members of your squad will include:

Professional Page Designer

Have a professional designer design your pages! You don't have to learn design principles and struggle for hours to make a page look balanced and beautiful. The work is done for you!

Personal Shopper

Don't scour multiple websites to find your perfect template every time you want to create a page. We'll send you three pages' worth every Friday! It's like having a personal shopper working for you in the background!

Personal Assistant

Much like a personal assistant, we'll give you a monthly calendar with 20- to 30-minute daily activities that will keep you moving. Your photos are organized, and you're ready to create a layout (or two!) every single week.

Your Instructor

Corie will show you how to use Photoshop — hands-down the best option for creating and keep your memory masterpieces for years to come — without being overwhelmed. She'll keep it simple and show you how to be productive.

Your Team & Cheer Squad

As part of our members-only Facebook community, you can ask questions of other Story Squad members (your team), share your pages and win admiring comments of others (your cheer squad), get access to additional resources and have chances to win prizes!

Join Story Squad, and before you know it, you’ll be creating and enjoying albums full of beautiful layouts that document your memories and are easy to share — on demand! — forever!

  • Your photos won’t be at risk of being lost to technology changes or tech failures you can’t predict or prevent.
  • You won’t be intimidated by Photoshop, because you’ll know the most important ins and outs that will help you use the templates coming your way every week.
  • You will have a plan that will keep you moving forward all the time, without having to carve out days of your life to get something done.
  • You’ll be motivated and supported by a group of fellow community members who are just as passionate about their photos as you are!
Moving from being overwhelmed by your photos to overjoyed by them is easier than you think!

You can’t afford NOT to join Story Squad today!

As a member of Story Squad, you’ll get all of this!

156 pages’ worth of layout templates per year

Annual GOODS Value:

Buying individual layout templates on various websites will cost you $3 to $7 per layout, on average. At minimum, these 156 layouts have a value of $468.


$3/layout x 156 layouts = $468 (minimum value)

PLUS, you’ll get a set of bonus items, including an entire album’s worth of templates, Digital Scrapbooking 101, and more!


Membership in a Private Facebook Community

Annual Value:

Win prizes for sharing layouts! The only thing you need to do to enter our bi-weekly raffle is to share a layout (one you’ve made using a Story Squad template) to our Story Squad private Facebook group! It’s so easy to win!

Also, get support you need when you get stuck:

  • How to do something in Photoshop
  • Knowing what to write on a page
  • Needing ideas
  • Stuck in any way!

The Facebook community is a great place for conversation and inspiration!

Resources and More!

Annual Value:

  • Learning Labs (short Photoshop lessons)
  • Organizing guides
  • Journaling starters
  • Notebook inserts
  • Tutorials
  • Surprise freebies
  • New content all the time! *

156 pages’ worth of layout templates per year

Annual DESIGN Value:

If you asked a professional designer to design for you a scrapbook that included 156 pages (the number of pages’ worth of templates you get in an annual membership in Story Squad), you would pay at least $15,600 for that scrapbook! Why? Most professional designers with as much experience as Corie (our Story Squad designer and owner) has, charge at least $100 per hour of work. And if we consider a very conservative estimate of 1 hour of time per page design (2 to 3 hours each is more likely), that’s:

156 pages x 1 hour per page x $100 per hour = $15,600!

By using Story Squad templates, you are essentially asking Corie to design your scrapbooks — for a heck of a lot less money! AND you have the added benefit of being able to completely customize the album, page by page, to your own liking!

Hours of Saved Time

Annual Value:

  • Using templates is the fastest way to be productive!
  • Finding, purchasing and downloading templates from a variety of vendors takes TONS of time. With Story Squad, they come to your email automatically, ready for instant use!
  • The hard work for each layout — figuring out how big each photo should be, where each photo should go, how many photos to include, and how to make them all work well together visually — is done for you!
  • You know this layout will work just as it is! (BUT you can move and adjust absolutely everything on the layout if you want to! Nothing is off limits!)

Motivation to Work on Your Photos and Albums

Annual Value:

  • Three pages’ worth of templates delivered to you every week!
  • Receive weekly reminders to love your photos by working on your layouts (in short bursts!).
  • See other people’s finished layouts, ask questions and connect with others in our exclusive Facebook community.
  • Learn something new with tutorials released regularly
  • Get your notes and journaling organized and all in one place with our checklists, guides and organizers*
  • A building library of resources* that will make every step easier!

Documentation of an Amazing Life

Annual Value:

  • Your family will see the value you place on your life together!
  • Your children will feel a confidence boost when they look through their albums. It will be crystal-clear how much you love them! And they’ll remember countless good times they might otherwise have forgotten. They will realize that their lives are good!
  • You’ll be able to easily pass on your photos and memories to future generations — no by-then-outdated technology required!
  • You can share memories and laughs with your kids, spouse or friends at a moment’s notice. (Bonus: You’ll hear a few “ooh”s and “ahh”s when people flip through the beautiful albums you’ve created!)
  • Having a bad day? You’ll be able to quickly and easily grab a book off the shelf and start flipping through layouts that remind you of all of the good in your life! Chances are, you’ll be feeling better in no time!

* Journaling starters, checklists, guides, organizers  and Learning Labs will be part of a library that builds as we go! Every month, we will add a new tool to help you learn to do more inside Photoshop, get your memories organized, write engaging journaling on your pages and other tasks. The longer you’re a member, the more resources you’ll have access to!

How much does Story Squad membership cost?

When you think about all you will receive in Story Squad…then factor in all of the time you will save…and the fact that your layouts will be professionally designed by a career graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience…and the value of the community, classes, tutorials — everything listed aboveyou could easily expect to pay more than $1,000 a year.

But you can join Story Squad today for just $15 a month! Or, pay for a full year up-front for just $160!

So, you could either:

Spend hours searching for and buying 156 layout templates at $3 to $7 each — spending $500 to $1,000 in the process — on the open market

— OR — pay a professional graphic designer (like Corie, who designs each of our layout templates) $100 per hour or more to design 156 pages for you from scratch

[ 156 pages x 1 to 2 hours (minimum) per page x $100 per hour = $15,600 to $31,200!! ]

— OR — join Story Squad and receive 156 unique, infinitely reusable templates per year for just $180 (or $160 if you pay for the full year up front)!

The choice should be easy!

This is your chance to move from from being overwhelmed by your photos to overjoyed by your photos — and able to easily enjoy and share them with everyone who matters to you most!

Risk-free Guarantee!

You can make memory masterpieces — no matter how tech-challenged you feel or how overwhelming your mass of photos can be! I guarantee it!

I am PERSONALLY COMMITTED to making sure Story Squad gives you everything you need to make memory masterpieces for yourself and your family!

If you have given us a fair shot but are not ABLE, PREPARED AND SUPPORTED IN YOUR EFFORT to make photo books or scrapbooks using Photoshop through membership in Story Squad, I will return your investment! Simply send an email to me at hello@corcommcreative.com within 30 days of your initial purchase for a FULL REFUND. (Terms and conditions)

I will honor this guarantee without exception! Why? Because I believe anyone can learn enough about Photoshop to be able to build amazing layouts that capture your photos and stories. AND, I believe that Story Squad’s templates, tips, guides and other content make this hobby one that is totally doable — and fun! I am excited to present this membership program. I am committed to it 100%. And it is my passion to make it accessible to everyone who is interested and willing to give it an honest shot!


Learn to Use Photoshop AND Create an Entire Album!
Page Templates, Papers and Embellishments Included!

Membership Bonus - Course

If you join the Story Squad membership, we’re including our digital course (Digital Scrapbooking 101) for FREE! This course will walk you through the process of designing a digital scrapbook layout from scratch — and then show you how to create the same layout using a template.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Learn how to create pages from scratch, how to use templates to speed up and simplify the process, how to prepare your album for print and more! Perfect for the new or established Photoshop user!

11 Templates!

When you join the membership, you will receive all 11 templates you will need to create an entire School Portraits Album — using either your child’s school photos, your niece’s or nephews, your grandchild’s, your neighbor’s or your own! Better yet, you could make one for each! The templates are reusable!

Full Kit of Papers and Elements!

When you join the membership, you will receive a School Days kit that includes more than 50 papers and elements, which you can use to complete the entire album — and then reuse on any layouts you wish — forever!

Member Bonus #2!: Yearbook Template Pack

ONLY available for master class attendees! 

Love to print your photos and slip them into multi-pocket page protectors? This template pack includes 10 pages’ worth of templates that look like pocket pages — but are faster, easier and more flexible to use. Quickly create a family yearbook, or simply mix layouts made with these templates into albums when you want a simple, grid-based design that will come together beautifully.

This bonus is only available during our master classes, and ONLY for people who show up live! Don’t miss it! Register for an on-demand master class, “Four Simple Ways to Escape Photo Frustration by ‘Doing Something’ With Your Photos—Starting Today!”

The value of the bonuses alone would cover the cost
of an entire year of Story Squad membership!

Is a Story Squad membership right for you?

You LOVE your photos

— looking at them, laughing at them, sharing them, remembering the times that they represent

You love reminiscing

about vacations, your childhood, old friends, the years your kids were little or any other memories of times, events and people that have brought you joy.

You want to do SOMETHING with your photos

so that you and others can enjoy them — without having to scroll through dozens of years’ worth of social media posts.

You have or haven't done anything with your digital photos

— whether you have never touched your digital files or you're a longtime digital scrapbooker.

You like to have options

— like being able to use single template to create either a simple or complex layout, depending on your mood and available time.

You like freedom and control

You don't want to be tied down to a single online service that could close tomorrow. You want to be able to reprint layouts and albums whenever and wherever you’d like.

You want to use the things that make you happy

You like having the freedom to use the fonts, papers, photos, embellishments and memorabilia you want to use (limitless possibilities)!

You enjoy sharing your photos and layouts

Receiving “ooh”s and “ahh”s from people you know appreciate the work you’ve done ... that can make your day!

Like to get the most bang for your buck possible

You like to save money. And you like to use things over and over again. If you've paid for it, it had better be worth it!

Are a newbie or a pro at Photoshop

Maybe you've never used Photoshop — or maybe you have used it for 20+ years!

You like winning prizes!

especially if all you have to do to enter is make something amazing with your photos (using tools that are provided to you — easy peasy)!

You need to FEEL it

If you need the feel of traditional scrapbooking products (paper, glue, sequins, etc.) to keep you fulfilled with a paper-crafting/scrapbooking hobby, this probably won't make you happy. *

BUT, if you like the feel of a hardbound album with crisp, thick pages and bright colors, or a smooth stack of printed pages in shiny page protectors, Story Squad IS for you!

* You could use the layout templates you would receive with your Story Squad membership to create hybrid layouts (ones that are printed on photo paper but embellished after printing with additional products), but the focus of Story Squad is on creating with digital products, keeping things simple and productive, and being able to easily reproduce layouts when and if you desire.

Still on the fence?

If that little voice inside your head is talking to you, read this before you decide whether or not to join Story Squad!

Do you spend at least 20 minutes a day mindlessly wandering on your phone? (Don’t we all?!)

Do you watch at least 20 minutes of television a day?

Do you read a novel for 20 minutes a day?

Story Squad is making it easy to prioritize your photos! Included with your membership is a copy of The 20-Minute Plan for Creating 50+ Layouts a Year, which outlines what you can do in just 20 minutes a day, a few days a week, in order to be ultra-productive as a scrapbooker! It also includes a habit tracker to help you make scrapbooking a habit, so you can produce layout after layout of your favorite photos and memories. You can do this in 20 minutes a day — easily!

Here are FOUR BIG REASONS why:

With Shutterfly, Snapfish or other design-online solutions…

  1. You must have a start and finish in mind before you create and print. This is HUGE!
  2. You must work in chronological order.
  3. You give up control of your layouts.
  4. You’re stuck with your first choice.

These are some serious things to consider, which is why we have written an entire blog post about them! Be sure to check it out!

We also have a bonus resource inside the Digital Scrapbooking 101 course called, “8 Ways Online Photo-Book Software Can Stop You in Your Tracks.” It’s free when you sign up for the course!

Photoshop offers you much more freedom to create albums you love!

Think back on how you’ve spent your money in the last 30 days. Are there times when you spent $15 without thinking twice about it? Did you buy a meal for two (or maybe for your entire family!) at a fast-food joint? Did you pay for a Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus membership? Did you buy yourself a cute shirt? A pair of shoes? 

Is it fair to say you regularly spend $15 a month, minimum, on something that brings you joy?

Now, how much are your photos worth to you? Is it fair to say that your family photos and memories have at least as much value as that one shirt you purchased (and will eventually pass on to Goodwill)? Or that Netflix membership? Or that meal at your favorite restaurant?

A membership in Story Squad isn’t a splurge — it’s an investment! It’s an investment in your family memories. And it’s worth it!

Yes, you can! Our Digital Scrapbooking 101 course is included with your membership and will walk you through the entire process of creating your first album. Even if you have never opened Photoshop, you will find that you can do this!

Photoshop is a powerful program and can be very intimidating when you first open it. But you don’t need to know everything about Photoshop to be able to use it effectively for photo books and scrapbook albums. We’ll take the complicated and make it simple for you!

And if you’ve given it a shot and within 30 days of joining are beginning to realize this is just not for you, you can contact us for a full refund! (We believe in this so strongly that we don’t think you’ll need to!)

Invest in your family memories!

A little about the writer / designer / photographer / scrapbooker behind Story Squad

I, Corie Farnsley, am founder of Story Squad by CorComm Creative, the personal creativity branch of my longstanding and successful, full-time freelance graphic design, writing and event photography business, CorComm Creative (founded in 2007).

I am a passionate family photographer (my own family, that is!), memory keeper, journaler and scrapbooker who has spent hundreds of hours creating digital layouts (from scratch) that capture my memories, emotions and loves of my life.

I have long heard people compliment me on my scrapbook layouts while lamenting that they just don’t have time to spend on organizing and managing their photos — much less time to spend on making albums. Others say they just aren’t creative enough to create albums like mine. Or they don’t know where to start. Or they aren’t tech-minded, so they could never do this.

But I know without a doubt that the vast majority of people could do this! They just need the right tools, know-how, motivation and support.

I have spent years dreaming about what has come to life as Story Squad. It took a long time for it to come together in my mind, and then, once I got started creating it, months to get it ready for you! But it’s here. It’s ready! And I’m so excited for you to join!

You can do this! Let’s get you started!

Nope, it’s not the best photo I have ever taken, but it’s one that I want to keep anyway! It’s simple moments like these (a walk to the ice cream parlor with immediate and extended family members) that form memories that spark joy in my life! If you have snapshots like this trapped on your phone, getting them into print will allow you to enjoy them easily and for years to come.

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