Maybe I’m just hopeful…

…but I'd love to see my kiddos grow up to love photography.

It's a hobby in which I have fun lots of enjoyment, especially when it comes to capturing our lives in little snippets in a way that no other hobby can. 


OK, so you haven’t shown a strong interest in photography yet, but you do on occasion like to shoot away. I’m hopeful you’ll find as much enjoyment in this hobby as I do someday. In the meantime, I love these photos of you on the sidelines of one of G’s soccer games, shooting away with Nana’s camera. You look like a real pro. 10.07.2009  


  • Fonts: Avenir (journaling) and ChunkyFive (headline) – two of my very favorites!
  • Flower: 10 Things by Traci Reed and Meghan Mullens
  • Background paper: Can't remember!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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