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This is one of my favorite memories of our youngest when he was just a little peanut. It’s amazing what young kids will pick up on, even when you think they aren’t watching!

Here’s the journaling:

Joshua, by the time we took these photos, when you were a year and 3 months old, you had been to your share of baseball games. Your big brother Gabe was seemingly always on a ball diamond somewhere, and we spent many of our weekends at tournaments. (He was 13 years old and played on a travel baseball team.) Most of the time, during these tournaments, you played, napped or snacked on the sidelines, perfectly content and seemingly in your own little world.

But on this summer day between games at one of Gabe’s out-of-state tournaments, it became clear that you had also been paying attention to the games, to some degree! As we waited between games, you grabbed a stick that had been keeping you occupied, toddled onto the empty field, stepped up to the plate, tapped the plate and started swinging the bat. You knew exactly what to do — and you were pretty daggone cute doing it!

Around this age, and probably for a year or so afterward, you also started playing baseball in the living room, pretending to swing the bat and hit the ball (eventually swinging an actual toy bat and actually hitting a toy ball), then running as fast as you could in a circle around the couches and “sliding into home” — sliding on your knees near the TV. We thought you would surely LOVE baseball! We would find out later, after your first season of playing the game in an organized league at age 5, that playing baseball was not your idea of a fun time. You made it through the season without complaint, but when we asked if you’d like to play again the next year, you calmly said, “No. I don’t really like baseball.” “Why?” we asked. “Because I have to get my pants dirty,” you said. Soooo cute!!

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