Leaf leapin’

Just a quick layout share before I head to bed. I loved the photos in these sequence shots of the kids jumping into leaves and wanted to share! I love the looks on their faces. They were having so much fun with this simple little pile of leaves. I often wish I could find as much joy in simple things as kids do. That's a real gift.

Anyway, this is a digital scrapbook page, and those of you who are scrapbookers will likely instantly notice that it's 12×24" vertical! This will require flipping the book around, assuming I actually get all of these layouts printed and bound into a book. It's a bit awkward, and so unlike me! I like things ordered, straight and organized. So this is a real stretch for me. (You might notice I even tilted the photo strips a little! Yikes!) But it was the best orientation for all of those photos (and they're small enough as it is), so I went for it. Enjoy! [click image to enlarge]

2008 10 18 Jumping in leaves

PS That gap in the text block? That's where the page will be split. Also, I didn't use any digital kit elements on this page. The leaf is just a shape in Photoshop. (In case you were wondering…)

3 thoughts on “Leaf leapin’”

  1. Ummm…I’m not completely sure that YOU made this layout. I mean, VERTICAL and TILTED? Wow. You’re really venturing out there, girl! 🙂 Love, Love, Love it! Very cute. And congrats on having enough leaves to rake!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kel! (I LOVE comments!) And I totally agree with you. My favorite part of being a parent is watching our kiddos (especially when they’re around E’s age) find so much enjoyment in something as simple as a pile of leaves or in making cookie dough or playing with Play-doh. Oh, how I wish life were still that simple! :o)

  3. Love, love, love these leaf leapin’ pics, Cor! As I always say you have a great gift for capturing life through the lens! Awesome! Makes me wish we had a good leafy tree in our yard so our kids could have that fun too! But, alas we have none so we’ll have to live vicariously through your pics! How fun for G&E! I too wish I could find as much happiness in the simple things as kids do! It’s such a joy to watch them and watch their faces light up with the smallest of things. That’s my fav. thing about being a parent…watching my kids enjoy life. The look on your kids’ faces is priceless in these pics! And I like the tilted look! As always, you make me want to jump right into scrappin’ again! Love ya!

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