I can understand how some old women end up with 100 cats

Because I might be tempted to bring this one inside to live with us. But I'll resist. Our current three are enough.


He's a stray the neighborhood kids have named Chip, and he LOVES this little guy. Every morning, he walks with us to the bus stop, mostly unprovoked by G. When we get to the stop, he puts his paws up on G's legs, begging to be picked up. Of course, G obliges, and they snuggle until the bus comes. Then after school, he follows us home, G snuggles with him some more, and he often sits in our front yard after we go inside. He is just the sweetest little kitty. And G is so sweet with him. He just loves him.

I love it that my little boy has such a love for animals. He's just like I have always been, and it makes me happy. He gets very attached to animals — and other creatures. Take, for example, the monarch butterflies his first grade class watched transform from caterpillars over the course of a couple of (few?) weeks. The day they had to let them go, he broke into tears when he was telling me about it. He was completely heartbroken. I tried to explain to him that they were doing the right thing and helping them live long lives by letting them go rather than keeping them in a cage, but it was no help. He was attached, and to him, it was like losing a pet.

But back to Chip. I am a little worried about this little kitty following us to the bus stop each morning. He's already stopped traffic on the busy road (next to a busy school at a busy time of day) at the end of our street one dark morning because he walked into the street and just stopped in the middle of the lane. We tried to keep him near the kids and away from traffic, but he was new to this (it was the beginning of the school year) and darted away from everyone…right into the path of oncoming traffic. Now he loves these kids and does a little better at staying put on the sidewalk. But I do have to pick him up and hold him back to keep him from following the kids onto the bus. Anyway, the nervous mom in me is terrified that this little kitty is going to get smashed right before the eyes of 10 elementary school students before school some day. Or, when winter comes, I'm afraid he's going to just not come to the bus stop one day, if you know what I mean.

We'll just have to hope that doesn't happen. Because my little boy is completely smitten for Chip. And that makes me happy. (Now if he will just stay out of our garage when we back out…)

4 thoughts on “I can understand how some old women end up with 100 cats”

  1. ha ha yes, the joys of pet ownership…our year old pug still thinks it’s cool to poop in front of our dryer every once in a while. you know, just for a surprise.

  2. Hey, the thought’s crossed my mind, Marcella. But then I remember all of the lovely issues we have with cats pooping right outside the litter box every single morning (what a nice morning treat) and many afternoons (just because they think I need to take a break from working, maybe), and I get smart. But he sure is sweet. Who knows… :o)

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