Going under cover

Ah, building forts. I'm sure you probably did it as a kid, as did I. There's something about hiding and playing in one's own personally designed hide-out that appeals to little kids, and mine are no different.

Wanted to share my newest layout. Enjoy.

Here's the journaling:

There is something about building a fort that is enticing to every kid, I think. I remember building forts when I was a kid, and the two of you enjoy doing the same. Give us a full day at home with no agenda, and eventually the two of you will pull out the blankets and chairs. I love seeing you having fun doing something I enjoyed. And watching you working together—and enjoying it—is a great treat, as well! So keep on building, G*** and E***. Enjoy going under cover!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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