Friday Fun

After a week of Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald's Playplace (two of my least favorite places in the world…only because I always leave there with shot nerves), Chad and I decided to take the kids to a fun spot (for all of us) on Friday, thanks to a Christmas gift from Papa and Omi (my dad and stepmom). I worked in the morning, and because both G and E were out of school on Friday, Chad needed to take some time off to watch them while I went in for a meeting. So he decided to take the whole day off so we could go to the Children's Museum without having to bear the weekend crowds. (Turns out, I think the field trip crowds on school days are worse, but thankfully most of them were leaving when we got there.)

And before I forget, thank you, Dad and Anita, for the tickets! We had a great time!

The big exhibit that's recently been unveiled there was the Lego Castle Adventure. G loves Legos, so we knew he'd like to see this!


I obviously had to do some doctoring on this photo, so the quality isn't great. Dark museum lighting is terrible for photography. But I loved it that G was comparing the size of his hand to this dragon's. The dragon—made completely out of Lego—was probably G's favorite part of the whole museum.


They had some pretty incredible displays of castles built out of Legos. Made Chad want to buy a new Lego set. Made me want to travel to some real-life castles. E just admired them all.


This was pretty cool. G and E were able to virtually build a castle wall (picking different shapes and heights and things), then aim this "canon," crank it back and pull the trigger to shoot it. The idea was to try to get the canon ball over the castle wall you built. This was G's shot. Neither of our kids' made it over, but I'm not sure anyone's did.


Another poorly lit shot doctored in an effort to salvage it…but not very well. Anyway, another exhibit was one about comic book heroes. At one station, there were instructions for drawing your own comic book character, but the instructions were pretty complex (think: Spiderman and Batman drawing instructions in four steps). E didn't care. She took a stab at her own and was thrilled with her own creativity: She drew an enormous ear on one side of her character and thought that was just too cool. I love her simple, innocent, 4-year-old view of the world.

Here's a better shot of what she was drawing:


Too sweet.


The kids-in-the-racecar-driver-seat shot is a standard one every time we visit the museum. I'll have to dig out some old pics of G in it when he was a toddler (the first shot when he was maybe 1) and a shot or two between then and now and put them together on a scrapbook page. It would be fun to see them side-by-side.


They were just amusing me. Love the pic anyway. That's a small part of the Dale Chihuly "Fireworks of Glass" display. It's incredible to think of him building this four-story (43-foot) display in a studio, then taking it apart, moving it to the museum and reassembling it—without breaking any of the 4,600 pieces of blown glass. 


We'll end on one of my favorite shots. I love this one!

By the way, we also got to see one of the actual Batmobile cars from "The Dark Knight," and we visited the Dinosphere again (which fascinated both kids), but both areas were too dark for good photos.

Thanks again, Dad and Anita, for a fun trip!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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