Fighting the fear…and winning

It was back on Nov. 4 that I posted a note about G's first loose tooth. At the time, I thought the little sucker would be out of here in two weeks or less. Little did I know it would hang around for more than six weeks!

After a few days in a row of moments like this…


…and this…


…and this…


…over the past week or so, the front, right-center tooth finally wiggled its way out on its own on Saturday. G had given tons of thought as to how painful it was going to be when the thing finally came out, so he let it dangle and dangle, untouched, as long as he possibly could. The tooth behind it had been growing in for at least a week or two before G finally bit into a corndog for dinner and casually announced, "I found my tooth," holding it in his hand for us to see.


It took him a minute to realize what had happened, and when he finally did, he ran into the bathroom to check out the space his first lost baby tooth vacated. Too bad there was already a neighbor moving in.


Ooh, sorry…should have warned you about that one! He tucked his tooth under the pillow that night and came bounding into our bedroom at 5-something a.m. shouting, "They left four quarters!" They, of course, being the Tooth Fairy, which for some reason he seems to think runs in packs, because it's never "he" or "she," but "they" when he talks about the fairy's visit. The Tooth Fairy must read my blog and saw that the going rate for Tooth Fairies seems to be about a buck, although the neighbor across the street must be on a rich fairy's route, because he got $5 for his first tooth! Our Tooth Fairy isn't that rich. Two other neighbors, though, and a few of our friends, seem to have a Fairy in the same income category as ours, because they all got a dollar, too. Whew.

And look at this thing.


(G had obviously been painting earlier in the day.) The sharp edge of that thing had already ripped through his bottom gum, which of course was adding to the pain of it all. So when we looked at it earlier that night, we knew it was coming out soon.

Anyway, so glad this six-week drama is over! I think we terrified him by saying if he pulled it when it wasn't ready (at the beginning when it was first loose), that it would hurt and bleed. So he didn't want to touch it at all…even when it was barely hanging in there. It didn't help that a friend of his pulled his out in class and had blood going everywhere. Our poor little guy had horrible visions of what it was going to be like. So now that it came out in a relatively painless way, we're hopeful that future loose teeth don't hang around quite so long. We were dying for him to just yank it out!

This was one of those times, though, when no matter what we said, we weren't going to be able to talk him into doing anything that went against his fears. He had to do it himself. And—finally—he did (sort of)! Whew!

2 thoughts on “Fighting the fear…and winning”

  1. Good for G! Charity has her first one as well but she’s been “hanging on to it” so that Eric and I can both be here when she loses it. My guess is it will be gone on Christmas day. Unfortunately we have the expensive Tooth Fairy – for the first tooth only, after that she passes on her duties to a cheaper Fairy. I need to make sure I’m prepared for the visit! Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh my gosh! That thing looks gnarly! I can’t believe how big his adult tooth was when the baby one came out. Wow. I bet he’ll be all macho next time he gets a loose tooth and see how quickly he can pull it out.
    If I don’t see you guys, have a very Merry Christmas. And I LOVED your Christmas card this year. Very nice pictures of all of you!

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