Driven by insanity

I think the only reason anyone would want to do what we saw a group of guys doing yesterday would have to be an insane amount of adrenaline.

At Box Canyon Falls just outside of Ouray (pronounced Yur-ay), every night someone turns on a series of faucets that unleash running water over the sides of the canyon. The water freezes, of course, producing these enormous shields of ice. Each morning, then, climbers come to the park and start climbing the frozen falls. Yesterday, we watched a man climb up one of the falls.


We spent about 45 minutes watching him ascend about half the height of the falls. This picture was as he was approaching the top. Shortly after this picture was taken, he dropped one of his hand picks (not sure what they're actually called), and we thought for sure we'd see him fall. But a group of climbers that were watching him from a nearby bridge rushed to his rescue and lowered down one of their picks. The next picture was when he only had one of his picks and had to use his hands to climb for a bit.




That's about all for today. We had a pretty relaxing day yesterday. Today we're spending most of the day flying. We'll be leaving soon. Chad, G and E, I'll be home soon! Kiddos, I'll be sure to come in and give you big hugs and kisses when I get home (it will be after you go to bed tonight). I miss you and love you all! See you soon!

Dad and Anita, thanks so much for a great trip! I have really enjoyed myself this week, and we are looking forward to our next trip—with all four of us—this summer!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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