From “Scrapbooking takes tons of time I don’t have!”

to “Photoshop is complicated!”

we’ll change the way you think about modern digital scrapbooking,

then show you a proven, fast and simple way to get started — and keep going!

In this live class, you will learn:

The truth about building beautiful scrapbook pages and albums

It isn’t as hard — or as time-consuming — as you think. Your mind will be blown when you hear and see how simple and fast it can be!

The only 9 things you need to know inside of Photoshop in order to be able to create beautiful pages.

Yes, only 9 things! You don’t have to know how to use the whole program!

The #1 secret to building pages quickly and easily — and know they’re going to be beautiful

The secret sauce involves letting professional designers get you started with each and every page (and it’s NOT expensive!)!

How you can get started digital scrapbooking today — and quickly be prepared for a lifetime of new page designs!

You don’t have to be creative. You don’t need a ton of time. But you do need the tools and resources that will help you along the way. I’ll show you how to get them!

You’re about to start doing something with your photos!

And not just anything — You’re about to start building beautiful pages and albums of your photos and memories.

You’re about to start building a library of albums that will allow you to revisit your memories and fill your heart with joy any time you please.

You’re about to start creating a library of albums that will outlive you.

You’re about to ditch the photo-book method — because it’s full of problems of its own — and go all-in on a simpler, faster, more versatile, more beautiful and overall better way of telling your story.

You’re about to launch yourself into a hobby I believe you can enjoy forever — and share with everyone you love!

Join me to bust the myths about what you think you know about digital scrapbooking, and get inspired to do something more, something better, with your photos!

This short course is a must-attend if you…

check mark bulletare in awe of how quickly time passes — and it makes you a little nostalgic sometimes.

check mark bulletcount your photos and memories among your most treasured possessions

check mark bullethave more photos on your devices than you know you could ever enjoy — so you just never take the time to do so!

check mark bulletpost photos to social media — but dread the thought of your Instagram account being the only photo record you leave behind for your kids

A Personal Invitation from Corie…

Like you, I take a lot of photos. We all do! And like you, I know that time is precious, and so are our photos and memories.

I have been designing pages, shooting photos and writing stories professionally for my entire career (more than 20 years), but the designs, photos and stories that light me up most are my own.

After building approximately 1,000 scrapbook pages (primarily digital layouts since 2006) and hearing comments like, “How do you do that?” and “How much would it cost for you to do this with MY photos?” I am finally ready to share the joy of creating pages with anyone who has an interest in it!

I believe digital scrapbooking is a hobby anyone can enjoy — and the way I teach it is especially helpful for people who are busy, don’t feel they’re “creative enough” for scrapbooking, or don’t think they can learn Photoshop in order to do it themselves.

If you have ever felt any of the emotions I’ve mentioned here, please join me for this class. It could very well change your opinions about scrapbooking and unleash a hobby that can bring you — and generations after you — unlimited joy.

Choose a time that works for you, and I’ll see you there!

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