Bowling…good times!

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This was our first time bowling with E*** for sure, and we’re pretty sure with G***, too. We laughed, cheered and had a great time as the kids used all of their might to launch the six-pound ball toward the pins what seemed like a mile away. E***’s ball took a full 60 seconds to make it to the other end! G*** was able to launch his pretty well, even running to get some extra momentum before sending it bounding down the lane. Despite the weight and the sore arms, the kids were ready to come back before we even left. I love these little family adventures. • Brownsburg Bowl • Feb. 16, 2008

• Game 1: Chad 88, G*** 72, Corie 100, E*** 35
• Game 2: Chad 166, G*** 67, Corie 103, E*** 45

Digital papers and embellishments: Libby Weifenbach, 7-10 Split kit,

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  1. You know I have a hard time narrowing down the pics, Robbie! (Of course, it might help if I didn’t TAKE as many pics!) :o)
    I’m telling you, you need to post some of yours! If I can’t get with you to scrapbook once a week, at least I could see your pages! :o)

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