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Friday mornings with E

It might not look like a great moment to you, but this is one of my favorite parts of the week: Friday mornings with E. Don't get me wrong. I love my time with Chad and G during the week, too, but there is something about Friday mornings that I look forward to as each

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Fighting the fear…and winning

It was back on Nov. 4 that I posted a note about G's first loose tooth. At the time, I thought the little sucker would be out of here in two weeks or less. Little did I know it would hang around for more than six weeks! After a few days in a row of

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A quick update

I have a few more minutes before I take G to the bus stop due to a 2-hour delay, so I thought I'd post a quick update. I can't get much work done when he's here, anyway! (Love ya, Bud.) Maddie is working her way into the family quite nicely. The animals have mostly adjusted

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Our first Maddie emergency…yes, already!

Well, we had had Maddie barely more than 24 hours when I had to call the vet in an emergency today around 4:30 p.m. G and I had just come home from running a couple of errands, when G let her out of the crate. Maddie, of course, bounced out and blasted toward me. I

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She’s here…our newest baby!

So her name's no longer Bella, and we're not 100% sure she's a Labradoodle (maybe some other kind of Lab mix, or maybe she is a Labradoodle?), and she's not 3 years old (she's 2), but this little girl sure is a sweetheart, and we're so happy to welcome her home! Meet Maddie, the newest

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The laughs and cries of Little E

That's my cute little daughter "brushing" my handsome but bald (he disagrees…not bald, he says, just short-haired) husband's hair. Too funny! Most days, she really brightens our life. She has such a cute and lively personality, and the best laugh ever. But then there's the hopefully-it's-just-a-phase defiant, grouchy and bull-headed little girl. I have to

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Miscellaneous Monday

Hi all! Hope you enjoyed a short Thanksgiving break and are back to your normal routines today. We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and weekend, but it is good to be back to work today. It helps that I've been playing with pictures all morning (for a work project), which is something I really enjoy! Thanksgiving

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A mommy-mortifying moment

I have been collecting my stories into a project I'm recently obsessed with, and I came across this one in one of my many binders of notes. It made me laugh, so I wanted to share. Ah, the joys of motherhood! Enjoy! By the way, E was only one year old at this time, and

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Mom’s home…and my newest project

Thanks to everyone for your e-mails and phone calls about Mom. She's home now (came home late Thursday evening), and seems to be doing OK. Even after five days of test after test in the hospital, we never did get any clear answers as to what caused the "event." But we should hear the results

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Happy Veterans Day!

To anyone who has served in our armed forces, a great-big "thank you" today! As much as we love to complain about how "bad" we have it right now (the economy in the toilet, gas prices that were at record highs just a few weeks ago, etc.), let's all take time to remember that we

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