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Colorado from a new view

On Monday, I experienced Colorado from a different view—deep into the "back country" in the mountains. With no roads in sight, we went on a 2.5-hour snowmobiling trip just above Telluride about 11,500 feet in elevation. Most of our tour was through national forest, and the views were oh-my-gosh incredible. There were dozens of times

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More Colorado beauty

On one of our drives yesterday, we spotted this wolf. Had to grab a picture. Too cool. The roads up here are death-defying, and I think I would die of a heart attack if I had to drive on them every day. The road we were on when we got this shot was probably 15

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A quiet day on Sky Mountain Ranch

It's a quiet day today at Sky Mountain Ranch, the subdivision where my dad and stepmom live. (They're the only house in the subdivision, though! There are four other lots that have been sold but haven't yet been built upon. Three of the lots were sold to one person, so in the end, it will

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A Colorado Saturday

It's been a beautiful day here in Ridgway (and Montrose and surrounding areas). I was ready well before Erin and Dad (Anita had to work today), so I went for a walk around the property around my dad's house. I saw these footprints in the drive in front of his house. Check out how big

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Beautiful Colorado

So here I am…in sunny, beautiful Ridgway, Colorado, visiting my dad and stepmom. We arrived yesterday and have a busy day planned today. Not much time to post (Dad and my sister are ready to go, waiting for me to finish my post so we can go run around town and see my dad's spec

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Stretching out the big day

E recently turned 4 years old (gasp!), and we have been celebrating in short bursts over the past week! We like to stretch our birthdays out as long as possible! :o) It started two weekends ago with a birthday party at my sister's house. The party was actually for my sister, my mom, my brother-in-law

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101 things I love and don’t, part 2

Well, I started this list last July (gulp) and haven't done a thing with it since, so I thought I'd add to it and get the sparks going again. This would be a fun page to scrap someday. We'll see. Here is Part 2 of my list, 101 Things I Love and Don't. Add your

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Friday Fun

After a week of Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald's Playplace (two of my least favorite places in the world…only because I always leave there with shot nerves), Chad and I decided to take the kids to a fun spot (for all of us) on Friday, thanks to a Christmas gift from Papa and Omi (my

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Facebook and an ABC Book

I know, I know. It’s been forever. And for no good reason, other than I have been taking it easy this week. Things are finally slowing down a bit, and I’m trying to enjoy it rather than keep on adding to the chaos. So I took a little break from blog-land. But I’m back (today,

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Snow attack…digital scrapbook style

I shared these pictures earlier, but I wanted to share the digital scrapbook version. It feels good to be back in scrapping mode. Took some time last night to scrap with a friend instead of watching the Super Bowl (we might have been the only ones not watching the game!), and was quite productive. I've

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Snow attack!

It's been a while since we've seen a foot of snow in one night, but Wednesday morning we awoke to more than a foot of the white stuff blanketing our little corner of the world. (They said on the news that this is the worst snow storm we've had in 13 years.) Schools were closed

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An ABC book for E…finally!

Well, she knows most of her ABCs by sight now, so this book might not be as helpful as I'd like, but I am finally getting around to making E an ABC book. The original idea when I did G's book was to help him learn his letters by sight, but because I'm a bit

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