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A day in Shades

We have been quite busy lately, and I have lots of events and little things happening that I want to scrapbook and/or blog about. Here

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10 years!

Ten years ago today, we did this: (My apologies to Madeline Price, the photographer, who retired a while back. Don't know how to get a

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Flippin’ out

A new page to share: Yesterday, the four of us participated in Outrun the Sun, a fun run/walk to benefit melanoma research. We were there

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Silly Sayings

G brought home one of those keeper school projects the other day, the kind that will stick around until he's 30-something and I'm cleaning out

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A note about older posts

Posts that are dated June 22, 2020, and before are posts I have imported from my old blogs. Please note that I have not taken the time to make sure they are all formatted to fit the current website design, nor have I reviewed each one to make sure all links to external pages are still in tact.

I decided to share the posts so viewers can see that, although Story Squad is new, my passion for photos and documenting family stories is not! I have been creating albums since I was a kid and have been doing so digitally since 2006. I have also been blogging on occasion since 2010-ish, I believe.

It just wasn’t until 2020 that I decided to really focus on sharing what I know about using photography, writing and design to capture and document family stories. That’s when Story Squad was born. You can read more about my passion here

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