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Silly Sayings

G brought home one of those keeper school projects the other day, the kind that will stick around until he's 30-something and I'm cleaning out my house like my mom is doing right now. (And then it will go right back to him!) I know I keep a LOT of his school work—something I'm trying

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Thankful for a self-entertainer

Today was supposed to be the day things returned to "normal" around here—the kids were supposed to be back to school and day care after spring break; Chad was supposed to be back to work after his own spring break; and I was supposed to have a quiet house for a full day of work…a

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A peek at E’s monthly/yearly book

I scrapbook a lot of stuff. I admit it. And while I love that I have a fun way to document my kids' youngest years, I know that sometimes I just keep track of too much stuff. But I'm OK with that. I'd rather keep track of too much, than not enough, I suppose. Because

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A page to pass the time

Just a quick share of a digital scrapbook page I did on the plane on the way home from Colorado. The warm weather last weekend made me eager for spring and summer. Enjoy. Here's the journaling: Our front yard is one of our favorite places to be in the summertime. Chad and G*** love to

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Sweet little swimmers

G and E had their final swim lessons last Thursday, and they walked away after eight sessions more confident in the water. G became pretty much a master at freestyle, after we had to talk his instructor out of trying to teach him butterfly until he was a confident swimmer in the most basic stroke.

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The newest animal in the family

Papa and Omi (my dad and Anita) sent home with us a giant bear for G & E. He barely squeezed into a giant suitcase, and the kids have LOVED him since he joined our family (another animal!) on Thursday. (I got home Wednesday, but the kids were already in bed.) Just wanted to share

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So good to be home

I love coming home almost as much as I love going on vacation. For some reason, the process of coming home after being gone for a while awakens my senses to all of the things I love about my family, my home, my animals, my way of life. I need that reminder on occasion. Coming

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Driven by insanity

I think the only reason anyone would want to do what we saw a group of guys doing yesterday would have to be an insane amount of adrenaline. At Box Canyon Falls just outside of Ouray (pronounced Yur-ay), every night someone turns on a series of faucets that unleash running water over the sides of

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Colorado from a new view

On Monday, I experienced Colorado from a different view—deep into the "back country" in the mountains. With no roads in sight, we went on a 2.5-hour snowmobiling trip just above Telluride about 11,500 feet in elevation. Most of our tour was through national forest, and the views were oh-my-gosh incredible. There were dozens of times

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More Colorado beauty

On one of our drives yesterday, we spotted this wolf. Had to grab a picture. Too cool. The roads up here are death-defying, and I think I would die of a heart attack if I had to drive on them every day. The road we were on when we got this shot was probably 15

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A quiet day on Sky Mountain Ranch

It's a quiet day today at Sky Mountain Ranch, the subdivision where my dad and stepmom live. (They're the only house in the subdivision, though! There are four other lots that have been sold but haven't yet been built upon. Three of the lots were sold to one person, so in the end, it will

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A Colorado Saturday

It's been a beautiful day here in Ridgway (and Montrose and surrounding areas). I was ready well before Erin and Dad (Anita had to work today), so I went for a walk around the property around my dad's house. I saw these footprints in the drive in front of his house. Check out how big

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