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Bowling…good times!

Click on photo for larger version. Journaling: This was our first time bowling with E*** for sure, and we’re pretty sure with G***, too. We laughed, cheered and had a great time as the kids used all of their might to launch the six-pound ball toward the pins what seemed like a mile away. E***’s

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A page to pass the time

Things aren't looking to quiet down soon enough around here, so I thought I'd post a recent layout to pass the time.   These photos were taken back in December 2007. (I've been revisiting some old photos lately.) G & E used to love getting buried in a mound of stuffed animals. I love the

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Digital Scrapbooking How-to: A simple layout

If you're here for some digital scrapbooking know-how, how about walking through a simple layout today? There are lots of tips and tricks in here that can help you understand Photoshop. Sometimes walking through the process yourself is the best way to learn. So take a little time and join me!   Here's what to

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Playing in the Rain

Photos from June 16. Journaling: Leave it to kids to make the best of a dreary situation! We were supposed to be celebrating the end of G’slast pee-wee baseball season with his teammates. Chad was coach, and we were treating everyone to Dairy Queen. The game scheduled for this night was rained out, but we

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Digital scrapbooking: Getting started

Ever thought about giving digital scrapbooking a try but didn't know where to start? I hope that my new series of posts here will help! I absolutely love digital scrapbooking, and I'm so excited about the idea of getting other people (in addition to my friend Michele, who is already) hooked, as well! So let's

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If at first you don’t succeed…

Here is a long-overdue spread! I have been wanting to scrap these pictures for some time, but the thought of weeding through dozens of photos from this day held me back. I finally got over that, though, and made the plunge. This page took me two nights, only because my computer crashed mid-layout last night.

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A day in Shades

We have been quite busy lately, and I have lots of events and little things happening that I want to scrapbook and/or blog about. Here is one of those. Last weekend, we went to Shades State Park and thoroughly enjoyed a creek hike. I absolutely love creek hikes; they remind me of lots of enjoyable

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101 Things I Love

Remember this topic? A while back, I started listing on my blog 101 things I love and don’t. It was a working list that I never quite finished here. But I have been, here and there, adding to my “things I love” list offline, and I finally finished it last night! I figured if I

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10 years!

Ten years ago today, we did this: (My apologies to Madeline Price, the photographer, who retired a while back. Don't know how to get a hold of her for permission, so I'm saying a prayer she won't mind that I posted this!) Anyway, this is now — or at least, it's what we looked like

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A little bit of chaos

The lower photo on this layout just makes me laugh. It is a pretty clear representation of the chaos that ensues when you mix five young kids, two adults, four animals (at the time) and a small space. (This was last year. When we get together now, there are four kids and five animals!) I'll

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Summer rides in the bike trailer

Another page to share! And it's another from 2007. Not sure why, but I've been in the mood to scrap some older pics of the kiddos lately. Enjoy! Journaling:One of our favorite summertime activities is going for a bike ride. Daddy often goes on long rides (sometimes 20 miles or so at a time), but

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