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Page Share: Being Sergeant Willgo

My husband just finished a week of playing Drill Sergeant Willgo at Vacation Bible School at our church. It was a little bit of a stretch for him, mainly because he was tasked with talking to the kids about Jesus, sharing the Gospel each night with 30 young people. It was a little nerve-racking for

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Page Share: You & Me

Journaling: In just a couple of weeks, we will celebrate 13 years of marriage. Thirteen! And what is even more amazing, we have been together almost 18 years…more than half of my lifetime. Wow. We have come a long way in those 18 years. We started together as just kids, teenagers in love who believed

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I have always been what I would call a simple, graphic-style scrapbooker. My layouts are almost always completely linear — with strong horizontal and vertical lines and very few crooked photos in sight. Embellishments are simple, few and far between. My favorite scrapbook designer of all time is Cathy Zielske, with Becky Higgins (picture simple

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Sometimes they love each other

Today was filled with lots of moments when they weren't quite so lovey with each other. (I'd rather see moments like this one, trust me!) It didn't keep us from having a good day, though. It's been nice to have two days off of work for the kids' spring break. We've all needed it! Journaling:

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Oh, baby!

A page to share:  This is one of those old favorite photos of my little girl that I somehow have never gotten around to scrapbooking. She was just one year old here…seems like such a long time ago! (Now barely 5, she just lost her first tooth! My, how time has flown by with my

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Innocent & Handsome

Well, I've been swamped with work the past week and haven't made time to scrapbook at all. So, I'm pulling out one of my favorite layouts for the sake of posting something this week! If you and I are friends on Facebook, you've already seen this one. This photo is one of my all-time favorites

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FAQs: Digital Scrapbooking

Yesterday I was responding to an e-mail from someone about getting started with digital scrapbooking when I accidentally navigated away from the page and LOST the whole thing. I about cried. It was a long e-mail, and it was suddenly floating out in Cyberspace. The thought of starting over left me dreary even before I

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Perhaps my simplest layout ever

I know, there's not much to it, but for some reason, I love this page. I think it's because it really focuses on the photos and doesn't cover too much "real estate" with the fluff (scrapbook elements) I normally love so much.

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Journaling: You sure are a shy little girl. You usually hold onto Daddy’s or my legs—or our necks if we’re holding you—when we walk into school or any other new place. You don’t often answer people when they say hello or good-bye or compliment you on something, even if you know well the person talking

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Maybe I’m just hopeful…

…but I'd love to see my kiddos grow up to love photography.   It's a hobby in which I have fun lots of enjoyment, especially when it comes to capturing our lives in little snippets in a way that no other hobby can.  Journaling: OK, so you haven’t shown a strong interest in photography yet,

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Pets with personality

Here's a recent layout to share. This is one I've been meaning to do for a while. Our pets are a significant part of our family, and I don't give them much play in the scrapbooks that document our lives. So…here we go. I'm very aware that I do not take enough photos of our

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Road trip! (We thought we were crazy, but we survived)

This summer, we packed up the car and spent 23 hours on the road over two days to get out to my dad and stepmom's house in Colorado. With two young kids, many people thought we were nuts—and admittedly, we wondered about that ourselves. But we survived…and even had a little fun! Here are a

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