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Photo books vs. digital scrapbooks: What’s the difference?

No doubt, you’ve heard people talk about photo books. And chances are good that you’ve created one yourself. If so, you’re super-close to being a digital scrapbooker, whether you’ve realized it or not!

So what’s the difference between a photo book and a digital scrapbook-style album (or a “memory masterpiece,” as I like to call it)?

It’s the stories, and the importance we place on them — plus the artwork that we choose to accompany the photos and stories.

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Little Slugger digital scrapbook page

Little Slugger: Digital Scrapbooking Layout Share

View larger image. This is one of my favorite memories of our youngest when he was just a little peanut. It’s amazing what young kids will pick up on, even when you think they aren’t watching! Here’s the journaling: Joshua, by the time we took these photos, when you were a year and 3 months

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He’s in the Army now

I have been silent here for awhile now. It wasn’t for lack of desire to share, but more about the desire to spend as much time as possible enjoying time with my family while all five of us were still under the same roof day in and day out. We had Gabe’s graduation open house

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School Portraits Album Flip-through

We have decided to go ahead and have an in-person open house for Gabe, after all, but I started this blog to share his albums, and I will finish! 🙂 We have plenty of family out of town and out of state, who won’t be able to attend, anyway. So hopefully this blog will still

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Gabe’s Life Album, Vol. 3, Flip-through

Six Months to One Year Old Ready for some more adorable baby pics of Gabe? Oy, I love looking back at these times when he was just a little guy (relatively speaking, anyway!). I can remember sitting on the floor in our living room at our old house, when I took the picture of Gabe,

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Flip through Gabe’s Life Album (Vol. 2) with me!

Looking for some baby pictures of Gabe? This is a great place to start! Here is a video of the second volume of his life album, covering the first six months of his life or so. As always, if you’re just here for the pics and don’t care about the commentary, please feel free to

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Flip through Gabe’s first scrapbook with me!

So far, I have only shared digital scrapbook layouts that I have created for Gabe over the years — but I scrapbooked most of his youngest years in paper form. These layouts are housed in bulky albums with individual pages covered with page protectors. This format makes them a bit of a pain to share

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A fearless child, a broken bone

From the time he was able to walk, I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to keep this child alive until kindergarten. Gabe is fearless. So it’s a small miracle that we only had to deal with one broken bone during his childhood — and it was relatively minor. The story he told us —

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