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Want to start doing something with your photos? Easily? Consistently? Photo books are NOT the best answer! [Part 1]

Photo books are not the best solution to our photo-enjoyment problem. The biggest problem? Hardbound books need a clear beginning and a clear ending. Other problems? You must scrapbook chronologically, you can’t rearrange pages later, you can’t reuse the same page design over and over, you are limited to using the layout one time and one time ONLY, and so much more!

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scrapbook layout, soccer

Scrapbook Layout Share: Soccer, Sophomore Year

I LOVE taking photos of my kids’ soccer games. My photography background is in photojournalism, so I naturally am drawn to photos that capture action and emotion. My passion for photos that capture real life as it happens comes with just one draw-back: The fact that I have to sort through and narrow down tons and tons and tons and tons of photos before I can document an event (or, in this case, a season).

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Photo books vs. digital scrapbooks: What’s the difference?

No doubt, you’ve heard people talk about photo books. And chances are good that you’ve created one yourself. If so, you’re super-close to being a digital scrapbooker, whether you’ve realized it or not!

So what’s the difference between a photo book and a digital scrapbook-style album (or a “memory masterpiece,” as I like to call it)?

It’s the stories, and the importance we place on them — plus the artwork that we choose to accompany the photos and stories.

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Little Slugger digital scrapbook page

Little Slugger: Digital Scrapbooking Layout Share

View larger image. This is one of my favorite memories of our youngest when he was just a little peanut. It’s amazing what young kids will pick up on, even when you think they aren’t watching! Here’s the journaling: Joshua, by the time we took these photos, when you were a year and 3 months

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