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Pumpkin pickin’

Just a layout share before I hit the hay. Photos from a few weekends ago. Here's the journaling: Beasley’s Orchard is one of our favorite fall destinations. We wait for AppleFest in October and then head to the orchard for a hayride, apple cider and, of course, pumpkin pickin’. This year, the pumpkins were absolutely

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Two future farmers?

One of our favorite fall traditions is tagging along with my stepdad David while he harvests corn. The kids love it. E talked about farming all year, asking several times when we would be farmers again. That's saying something, because she was only 2 1/2 the last time we had done this. So it was

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Another happy Halloween behind us

…and the kids did great in the candy department. We should be set with candy until Easter. (I just dumped out our leftover Easter candy–and some from last Christmas–this week to make room for the Halloween candy. One or two pieces a day for the kids, and it lasts forever!) The big day yesterday started

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Time with grandma…captured

My very good friend recently lost her grandma, and it made me stop and remember how short life is…and how fortunate I am to still have a grandmother (and a step-grandmother) who's living. Tonight we got to visit a little with Grandma Thomson at my mom's pumpkin-carving party. It wasn't exactly sit-and-get-to-know-each-other-better time, nor did

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Leaf leapin’

Just a quick layout share before I head to bed. I loved the photos in these sequence shots of the kids jumping into leaves and wanted to share! I love the looks on their faces. They were having so much fun with this simple little pile of leaves. I often wish I could find as

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The cutest nose-pickers around

It's been a busy week, and I have lots of new photos to share with all of you if I can make some time tomorrow. We shall see. We had a lot going on this week — including G's soccer wrap-up, his Cub Scouts pumpkin carving, E's adorable performance at her school program, G's Pumpkin

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He saved a caterpillar’s life today

At least, that's what he's convinced happened, and maybe he's right. When I went to meet G on his way home from the bus stop this afternoon, he was about half-way between our house and the corner. He begged to walk back to the stop before going home. He wanted to save a caterpillar. He

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Bedtime conversations

Tonight was just an interesting night when it comes to bedtime, tuck-in conversations with the kiddos. First up was E. We pretended spiders were crawling on our faces (courtesy of the other one's tickles…it's all about Halloween lately), shared plenty of tickly giggles, and talked about her favorite three-and-a-half-year-old topic: her birthday party. It doesn't

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Meet Sweet Little Ashley

Meet Ashley, the fourth child of our good friends Kevin and Kelly: Is she not the sweetest little thing? I love, love, love the crazy baby hair! We finally made it down to visit our good friends yesterday, two weeks after this sweet one made her grand entrance to the world, and it was so

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Adventures at the homecoming parade

Friday was our hometown homecoming parade, and it happened to be G's first chance to wear his new Cub Scouts uniform and his first time to be in a parade. A big day for our "little" boy! E and I sat on the sidelines… … with my friend Michele and her little girls. They were

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