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Graduating senior photo display and keepsake checklist

High School Senior Photo Display & Keepsake Checklist Your senior is about to graduate from high school, and you’re in charge of collecting photos for a keepsake album, photos to post at a graduation open house, photos to include on a senior display board, or photos to include in an ad in the school yearbook

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Scrapbooking for busy people - How to make it a hobby you can love AND maintain

Scrapbooking for busy people: How to make it a hobby you can love AND maintain

scrapbooking doesn’t have to be a chore — or something reserved for people who have tons of free time on her hands (because, honestly, who does?). This is something YOU can do, number one, because it will bring your heart joy, and number two, because you can use templates, a 20-minute plan and a habit tracker to work the hobby into your daily routine. So what do you say? Shall you get started?

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