Facebook and an ABC Book

I know, I know. It’s been forever. And for no good reason, other than I have been taking it easy this week. Things are finally slowing down a bit, and I’m trying to enjoy it rather than keep on adding to the chaos. So I took a little break from blog-land. But I’m back (today, anyway). I can’t promise this will be the most interesting post, but it’s a post, and that’s progress for me.

A few miscellaneous happenings around here:

  • Valentine’s Day is Saturday, and Chad and I are joking with each other: “You buy me the washer, and I’ll buy you the dryer.” Our 9-and-a-half-year-old dryer has been dying a slow death over the past year and has finally kicked the bucket. We have had it serviced once before, but the effects were short-lived, and having another service call would mean we’ve paid more for service calls than we did for the brand-new dryer. So we’re moving on. We found a new set we like (to replace just the dryer and risk not having a matching washer down the road when we need it goes against my desire to be organized and have things match), but we’ve dragged our feet this week on buying it. Why? Because the very day we went to shop for washers/dryers was the very day we finally paid off two credit cards we have been whittling down for some time. Our pride in being somewhat debt-free (minus a car payment and mortgage) has been short-lived. We haven’t even reaped the benefit of having a month with no payments yet. Now we have to add right back to it. Ugh. But we kind of have to be able to do laundry, right?? Plus, washers and dryers are a lot more expensive now than they were 10 years ago (so many gadgets, gizmos and technological breakthroughs…who had heard about “smart water” back then? And who needed pedestals?)!
  • Yesterday was a depressing reminder that severe weather season is right around the corner. I’m so not looking forward to that. I hate tornados with a passion. And during this season (which could last from February through November, apparently), our tiny, basement-free house is a constant reminder of one big reason why I want to move.
  • I joined Facebook. Yes, the peer pressure finally got to me. After about 18 people asking me if I was on Facebook (in about a month’s time), I broke down and did it. It’s been fun to see what everyone’s up to, but the first few days, especially, I was addicted. It can suck more time out of our strapped schedule pretty quickly. So I’m trying to limit myself to logging on once a day. If you haven’t joined yet, do! Then hunt me down and be my friend! :o)
  • I have been making some progress on E’s ABC book. For you fellow scrappers out there, enjoy some of my recent pages! Only about six letter pages left to go (then there are the “extra” pages like the cover and miscellaneous stuff). Don’t worry, Mom. You’ll be the N page (Nana), but I need a new picture of you with E this weekend! And Anita, you (along with Marion, my grandma and G) will be on the G page. I have been trying to figure out how to handle fitting four of you very important people into her book when your names (Grandma, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa and G…) all start with the same letter! I don’t have a pic with the four of you…but I’ll wing it.




Can you find Maddie in that picture above? Did you miss her the first time? She blends right in with the Christmas tree!

I-ice cream




Well, that’s enough for now, I guess. I’m getting impatient with the uploading! More to come later, perhaps, and more from this album in an old post.


Edited, 2:27 p.m. By the way, with regard to the matching washer and dryer: No, I would normally not justify buying a major appliance we didn’t desperately need just because it was slightly different than the one sitting next to it. We’re talking about a MAJOR difference here! Think, a four-foot, top-loading, white washer and a five-and-a-half-foot, bright blue, front-loading dryer standing next to it. WAY too different, in my opinion! That would drive me crazy! Plus, because we’ll hopefully have these appliances a LONG time, that’s a long time to be annoyed! So we’re going for it. :o)

2 thoughts on “Facebook and an ABC Book”

  1. Robbie – watch your e-mail later today or tomorrow. I’ll send you the templates! There are four total, just so you don’t have to worry about rotating text blocks each time you rotate the original! Glad you like it!

  2. First of all, spring for the HE models. I bought mine when my washer exploded, and my electric bill went down SIGNFICANTLY.
    Second, I insist on getting a psd file of your template for the ABC book. I just love that idea!!!

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