Another layout…homecoming

I know I already shared these pictures, but I just finished the layout tonight. Thought I'd share it, too, for those of you who are like me and never get bored when looking at scrapbook layouts! (And if you're not one of those people like me, and you do get bored, forgive me!)

2008 10 03 Homecoming

Here's the journaling:

This was G***’s first time being in a parade and his first time to be dressed in his Cub Scouts uniform for an event. [Our friends] joined E*** and me on the sidelines as we waited patiently for G*** and Chad on the trailer. The parade was more than half over (about a half hour?) before they finally arrived, but the wait was worth it. Chad had secretly packed three Ziploc bags full of candy just for the girls. So while they had been patiently collecting candy one piece at a time from the street, here were these giant bags full of candy being tossed at them. They were thrilled. G*** had a ball on the trailer, and he looked so cute in his uniform. (And that red mark on his chin? He stabbed himself with a newly sharpened pencil at school today!)

[Digital elements from the Aidan bundle, Tracy Collins, retrodiva.]

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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