Another happy Halloween behind us

…and the kids did great in the candy department. We should be set with candy until Easter. (I just dumped out our leftover Easter candy–and some from last Christmas–this week to make room for the Halloween candy. One or two pieces a day for the kids, and it lasts forever!)

The big day yesterday started with trips to both of their schools for their class Halloween parties. We got lucky twice this year–once because Halloween fell on a Friday, my day off, and once because their parties were back-to-back instead of overlapping. So we were able to make it to both.

First up was G's, where they made cupcake spiders that took the majority of the party time. They had a ton of goodies, and even E was able to have some!


Then it was off to E's school, where one of the moms had made the same cupcake spiders (but with orange icing), and where they dressed up as dogs, since no "real" costumes were allowed. Too cute.


Then we came home to find that there were four orange cards in the mail for these two – one for each of them (they didn't even have to share!) from John & Colette and their Nana, my mom. They were elated. (Thanks, guys!)


Soon, it was on to Grandma's house so she could see the kids in costume for the first time before we headed up to my sister's new neighborhood about an hour north.


They posed for a couple of pics at Grandma's house, and then we headed north.


E was a princess fairy, although before the night was over, we had all kinds of people asking what she was: a ballerina? A butterfly? A princess? A fairy?


G was Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars. The outfit made more sense when he was carrying his lightsaber.


After Grandma's we headed to Auntie Ernie's (that's kid-speak for Erin; the nickname has stuck since G was little and couldn't pronounce Erin).


She and Eric gave them a TON of candy. And then we hiked their neighborhood for just about an hour. They got gobs of candy and even Beanie Babies (full-size ones!) at one house. They were just too cute running (literally) from house to house to get the goods. E got a burst of energy at one point and was even "flying" from one house to the next. My pic of that didn't turn out so well because I was trying to take it while I was walking, she was flying and the sun was setting. But this was one of several cute moments:


The long underwear we had on under their outfits (expecting a cool night, although it turned out to be beautiful and warm) was too big for G, so he was constantly pulling up his drawers, and E was constantly running to keep up with G (who was also often running).

Eventually, E pooped out, and G was the lone trick-or-treater as night fell. I love this picture, even though it is a little blurry. Not bad, though, for hand-held and no flash!


We called it a night with plenty of official trick-or-treat time remaining, but we had had enough. The kids had fun and got a bunch of sweets, and this was the first time we had been trick-or-treating with my side of the family, so it was nice to just have some time to hang out with Erin and Eric after hitting the streets for a while. I didn't get a good shot of the kids and their stashes (they were in just-woke-up hair-dos and PJs when we took a shot this morning), but rest assured, it was plenty. :o)

Today we got to be farmers with my (ex)stepdad, David. The kids loved it, and Chad and I got some great pics. I'll plan to post them later, maybe tomorrow. I still want to share some pics from my mom's pumpkin-carving party last weekend, too, so hopefully I'll carve out (no pun intended) some time tomorrow to do that. Until then, hope you all had a happy Halloween, and welcome November! Can you believe Christmas is just a month and a half away?! Yikes!

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  1. G&E looked great on Halloween! I love the sweet fairy princess (that one picture of her is precious!) and Kev would be very impressed with G’s Star Wars garb (G would have gone well with Yoda Dylan last year :)). Sounds like you guys ended up with as much loot as we did. We only trick-or-treated for an hour and we got two big bowl-fuls. And one bowl is halfway gone already (thanks to me who has a horrible sweet tooth!). Thank goodness for Halloween! You are right…the candy lasts til Easter (usually!) And I love the look on E’s face as she’s running down the road in that pic…we have a similar pic of Dylan on Halloween and it just shows how much they love the day/candy, etc! I think that’s why I love Halloween so much…cuz the kids just get so into it…it’s so fun to watch them light up with joy!

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