An ABC book for E…finally!






Well, she knows most of her ABCs by sight now, so this book might not be as helpful as I'd like, but I am finally getting around to making E an ABC book. The original idea when I did G's book was to help him learn his letters by sight, but because I'm a bit behind for E, she'll have to use it to learn the sounds letters make when she's learning to read! (For example, the M page, she'll know that M makes the mmm sounds, because that's what Mommy sounds like.) Either that, or she'll just have to enjoy the pictures. It stinks to be the second child sometimes. Mommy's always less productive in the scrapbook department with E.

Anyway, I am loving digital scrapbooking, because it's going to make this book go significantly faster than when I made G's the good ol' paper way. I had to cut every piece of paper and every photo, find stickers for a million things that started with the letters, etc. For E's, I designed one page template, rotated it four ways and have a pattern for which page comes in what order. I am also using just one font and one kit for the design (Street Love Papers by Gretchen Thomas for Designer Digitals) and am keeping journaling simple and short. So things are going quickly. Tonight I designed the template, rotated it four ways and created six pages! (Only five are here, because I did one letter twice…changed my mind for the picture after I had one version completed.)

If things go well, I should be able to complete this book in just a few weeks, if I scrapbook once a week. Woo hoo! That would be one project off the to-do list. :o)


I have lots of cute pictures from our snow day today, and hopefully I'll get through them soon and post a few. I have more than 150 to go through, so we'll see when/if that happens. I am hoping to take part of a day off tomorrow since G gets out of school early, so maybe…

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  1. What adorable pages! I’m sure she’ll treasure it. I’m always impressed by your creativity!
    Glad you are feeling better about things, too!

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