Adventures at the homecoming parade

Friday was our hometown homecoming parade, and it happened to be G's first chance to wear his new Cub Scouts uniform and his first time to be in a parade. A big day for our "little" boy!

E and I sat on the sidelines…


… with my friend Michele and her little girls. They were so cute waiting for candy!


Chad was such a sweetheart, taking care of his little girl and her friends. He put together these little Ziploc bags full of candy to toss at E and Michele's girls. After dozens of single pieces of candy coming at them one at a time for half an hour, when G's float came by, these big bags of candy came hurling their way. What a treat! Thanks, hon! (That's him on the far right.)


Chad and G had a good time throwing candy. (I'm sad this photo came out a little blurry!)


G looked so handsome in his uniform! (I finished getting the badges attached–most on the sleeve you can't see–about an hour before the parade! Nothing like getting things done…and not very well!…at the last minute!)


And that red mark on his chin? That day I got a phone call from the school nurse. He had stabbed himself in the chin with a newly sharpened pencil. The story from G was that someone was pretending like they were going to "shock" him, and he sat down really fast, while he was holding his pencil in his left hand, which was made into a fist and sitting on his desk at the time. Poor kid. We're not sure yet if there's still a piece of the pencil lead (which is actually graphite) in there. We'll find out soon enough, I guess. It's funny, because Chad and I both have permanent pencil pieces lodged into our skin — mine in my forehead and Chad in two places in his hands.

But I digress. Back to the homecoming parade.

The girls ended up with lots of candy!


Not bad for a small-town parade! And this little girl found the chocolate in no time!


And you can't have a parade without the hands-over-the-ears shot. Poor E. Those firetrucks were LOUD!


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  1. I’m glad we got to join you guys for the parade. It’s great that you got the picture of Chad throwing the huge bags of candy to the girls. He hooked them up! 🙂

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