Hi! I’m Corie.

I’m a wife, mother of three, owner of a creative communications business (CorComm Creative), writer, designer, photographer, memory-keeper, scrapbooker and personal storyteller.

I have loved writing, graphic design and photography since I was a little girl.

I created my first scrapbook when I was in elementary school — or was it junior high? — and my passion for writing my stories, documenting my memories with photos and putting the stories and photos together in a way that satisfied me visually has been growing ever since.

I received my first camera as a gift from my grandfather, who was a passionate amateur photographer, when I was a young child, and I was instantly hooked! I later took photography classes in college and got a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a photojournalism concentration. I knew this would be a hobby and career I would love forever.

I started writing stories when I was around 8 years old — but I wasn’t great at fiction. I was terrible, actually. I grew into my love of writing when I began writing about things that actually happened — to me (in my journals) and to others (as editor of my high school newspaper; later as a journalism student in college; and later still in my roles as community relations specialist, communications director and communications business owner in my career).

What comes most naturally to me is writing about my life experiences — big and little — as I tell the stories that together paint the bigger picture of my life as Corie Lambert Farnsley, wife, mother, child of God.

Combining those stories with the snapshots of my life in a visually pleasing way — in albums that will stand the test of time — brings me a kind of joy that I have yet to match with any other hobby.

But more than that, these stories and albums document a life that I love — but of which I don’t always remember the value.

I haven’t had an easy life, emotionally. I have fought depression and anxiety for longer than I’d like to admit. But time and again, I have found that the act of creating a layout of memories and photos that bring me joy, and the act of flipping through albums of multiple layouts, reminds me that I have a great life. It refuels my worn soul and showcases all of the ways I am blessed. It fills my cup.

Even better, watching my kids flip through our family albums or albums of layouts specifically about them shows them how much they are loved, how blessed they are and how good life is.

I genuinely wish everyone enjoyed this hobby as much as I do. And I believe anyone who wants to should be able to easily find the tools and resources she/he needs to get started, keep going and fully enjoy the fruits of his or her labor. That is why I founded Story Squad

Come along with me! Together, we’ll document our stories and relive the moments that remind us that life is good.

Get in touch!

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