A quiet day on Sky Mountain Ranch


It's a quiet day today at Sky Mountain Ranch, the subdivision where my dad and stepmom live. (They're the only house in the subdivision, though! There are four other lots that have been sold but haven't yet been built upon. Three of the lots were sold to one person, so in the end, it will just be three houses here over about 170 acres. This is just amazing to me when I think about Indiana's affection for cramming in houses. At home, there probably would have been about 300 homes on 170 acres.) (Edited, 10:17 p.m. Indiana time: I found out I was wrong on the sizes. There are seven lots and a total of 300 acres. Oops! But it doesn't matter much…Dad's is still the only house here right now.)

We're traveling into Telluride later today for some shopping, a dinner to celebrate my dad's, my sister's and my February birthdays and possibly a tour of a 10,000-foot house (!) that my dad is looking over while its super-rich owners are gone. (Even for the super-rich, it seems like 10,000 feet might be a bit on the verge of overkill.) For now, though, the three of them (Dad, Erin and Anita) are taking a dip in the hot tub while I kill some time online. I've been ready to go for quite a while! If I had known they'd be getting in the hot tub, though, I might have put off getting my shower!

To Chad and my two favorite kiddos, I miss you!

I talked to Chad and the kids this morning, and G, especially, is missing his mom. He's such a sentimental and loving kiddo. E was missing me, too. I think maybe it's good for all of us to be apart for a few days, but it breaks my heart to hear such sadness in G's voice. I told him I'd be home before he knew it, and he said, "No, not before I know it. I want you home now." Such a sweet kid. I love you, Buddy. And E, well, she just has the sweetest little 4-year-old voice and was talking to me about the chicken nuggets and tater tots she was having for lunch and was just not at a loss for words. I love her little conversations. E, I miss you, too! As for Chad, well, I'm just happy he's a good daddy and doesn't mind (too much!) having to take care of the kiddos as a single dad for a few days. Thanks, hon. I miss you, too. Love you all!

Hope to post more tomorrow…

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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