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I have a few more minutes before I take G to the bus stop due to a 2-hour delay, so I thought I'd post a quick update. I can't get much work done when he's here, anyway! (Love ya, Bud.)

Maddie is working her way into the family quite nicely. The animals have mostly adjusted to her, with the exception of Lucy. She's a little unsure of her and still hisses at her and attacks her regularly. It's quite funny, actually. Lucy has definitley put Maddie in her place. There's no question about who's in charge between the two of them. I would have LOVED to have had the camera handy to grab what would have been a particularly funny picture the other night. Maddie was laying quietly in the living room when Lucy rounded the corner by the couch and caught both of them by surprise. In one quick motion, Maddie jumped up on the couch and tried to push herself against the wall, as far away from Lucy as she could get. Lucy stood on the floor in front of her, with her paw outstretched toward Maddie, her ears back, waiting for Maddie to make a move. It was hilarious! Like an elephant afraid of a mouse. Just too funny. Lucy may be small, but she's no weenie.

The rest of the animals are doing just fine. It only took one day of hiding for Jack to get brave and start rubbing heads with her. He's not at all afraid. He's just the most easy-going cat I have ever met. Cole has been OK with her from the start. Molly sometimes looks at me like, "When is she leaving?" but is doing OK overall. She has even gone with us on five walks—voluntarily!—in the last week! That's five more than she's done in the last several months, so we're making progress! The two mostly ignore each other during the day otherwise.

We had Maddie groomed last Thursday, and she looks like a totally different dog. Check it out.


I know this is a terrible picture, but any time I squat down to grab a pic of her—or just generally look like I'm paying her any attention—Maddie comes running toward me and won't sit still. She's not the easiest to photograph. The food distracted her for a minute here. (And no, I did not put the bandana around her neck. That was a gift from the groomer.) Anyway, after being groomed, she looks like a whole new dog! And she's starting to look more like a Lab, so we're leaning toward her being a Labradoodle. Who knows for sure?! I did take some comfort in knowing that some random blog reader (Hi JanNumber9!) has some expertise when it comes to Labradoodles and says she absolutely could be one. So I think we'll go with that.

Well, more updates later. Gotta run!

2 thoughts on “A quick update”

  1. Glad to hear that Maddie is adjusting nicely. She’s so cute in her pictures! I can’t believe we haven’t met her yet–that means we seriously need to scrapbook soon!
    I showed the girls Maddie’s picture and told them you got a new doggie. F’s first response was, “What they do with Molly?” After assuring her that Molly was still part of your family, W promptly said, “Well, I hope that doggie doesn’t jump on me. I don’t like dogs, except for Grandma’s dog!” Oh, the drama queen. 🙂
    Hope you guys are all getting healthy around there!

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