A peek at E’s monthly/yearly book

I scrapbook a lot of stuff. I admit it. And while I love that I have a fun way to document my kids' youngest years, I know that sometimes I just keep track of too much stuff. But I'm OK with that. I'd rather keep track of too much, than not enough, I suppose.

Because I know that by the time my kids reach college, I'll have far too many pages (hopefully) done for each of them to be able to show an overall picture of their childhoods in a short amount of time, I decided long ago to make each of them a single book that includes one page for each month of their first year, then one page for every six months until they get to school, then one page for each school year. That way, by the time they graduate from high school, I will (hopefully) have lots of books that include all of our events, the kids' quirks and simple moments I want to remember; and then I'll have a single book for each of them that sums up everything over their first 18 years. Make sense?

So, here's a page out of E's monthly/yearly book. I know she's 4 years old, and I'm only in her second year…but G's going on 7, and I'm only in his third year, so I'm on track, relatively speaking, for E's book. Let's just not talk about how far "behind" I am for both of them in their "everything" books. I'm trying not to think about it…it's supposed to be fun, right?! :o)


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Here's the journaling (if you have a few minutes!):

13 months • drinks from a straw • size 5 diapers • March 21 (13 mos.): 25 lbs, 15.5 oz. • likes puzzles • feeds herself • starts to dance! • likes big Legos • likes Mommy’s cell phone • dances to ABC music on Fridge Phonics • March 30: MRI, 6 a.m. • says “more” and “there” • comes to me, turns around and sits in my lap • walks backward • walks in tight circle • April 13: tooth #11! • says “wow!” • 14 months • comes home from school with ponytail and barrette; hair’s finally long enough! • says, “Book?” as in, “Will you read me a book?” • points to her belly button when asked where it is • loves her sunglasses • practices walking backward • around May 7: tooth #14! • points and folds fingers to palm, saying “give me” • gets fitted for flower girl dress for Margo’s wedding • 15 months • says “all gone” several times • pushes scooter all by herself • has another ear infection • May 18: 33 inches tall. 27 lbs., 10 oz. • May 21 – 28: Colorado! first trip • says “E***” and “thank you” • doctor visit (check-up). 27 lbs, 2 oz. (95th percentile). 33 inches tall (97th percentile). head, 19.75 in. (greater than 97th percentile). size of average 21-month old • gets onto and off of small chairs alone • went down slide by herself at day care • climbs up onto G***’s bed all by herself! • says “cheeseburger” clear as day…odd! • says “Michele” (Catellier) three times • says “bye” over and over; probably not the first time to say, but first time she intentionally says it repeatedly • says “off” • June 17: tooth #17! • likes to feed Molly treats, close doors, play with G***, throw things in the trash, make car noises, color with crayons or anything she can get her hands on, climb on the couch or chairs or G***’s bed • runs! • moves her stool around to climb and reach higher • doesn’t do big meals; snacks, mostly • not interested at all in TV or movies • LOVES to color and draw • says “more,” “do’” (dog), “Da Da,” “Ma Ma,” “the’” (there), “ma” (more) and “hi” • getting good at using a fork, even though we don’t give her one often; seems to have a natural knack for it • 16 months • still loves her paci • says “hello” into phone • says “home” • says “ucy” (i.e. Lucy, our cat) • got bit on right forearm at school • got bit again a day later in same spot • got bit again three days later in same spot • got bit again two weeks later and again a month later (geez!) • can reach and hold onto door knobs • says “thank you” twice • says “arf” when she sees a dog (maybe last month) • can point to her nose, ears, eyes, cheeks, nose and mouth when asked • zoo trip with Jeff & Robin Bernfield and Michele Catellier • fitted for dress for Margo’s wedding • says “let’s go!” loudly while at Bed, Bath and Beyond • says “cheese” for the camera • says “love you!” to Mommy • says “baby” • 17 months • county fair with Austen, Sara and Heidi • loves to feed the animals and watch someone cook • went up ladder and down slide by herself (at Willow’s) • 29 lbs., 7 oz. • says “good girl” and “excuse me” • can buckle her booster seat straps (her seat at the table) • state fair trip • begins Marlins & Minnows water familiarization classes • knows how to push G***’s buttons • loves sweets!

By the way, in case you're wondering about the logic behind 13-17 months (an odd grouping, I admit). Here's the thing. I do one page for 0 – 12 months, so 12 months was covered. Because age 2 starts with 24 months, trapped between one and two years is this odd 13 – 23 months, and I needed to divide them up into two groups. So I chose 13-17 so that the next would be a somewhat more logical group – 18 to 23 months. So there's my screwy logic. I know…who knew scrapbooking could be so complicated!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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