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Things aren't looking to quiet down soon enough around here, so I thought I'd post a recent layout to pass the time.

2007 12 16 Buried in stuffed animals 

These photos were taken back in December 2007. (I've been revisiting some old photos lately.) G & E used to love getting buried in a mound of stuffed animals. I love the way the pictures turned out. Reminds me of a shot in "ET" when he was camouflaged in a closet full of stuffed animals. Anyway, I kind of like this very simple layout.

(Paper and elements from Out of This World Friday Freebie Add-on – Creations by Karen.)

Things are crazy as ever around here. I'm starting to feel the effects of… (bear with me…I love bullets!)

  • spending five days a week at the soccer fields (this week it's only four…woo hoo!)
  • preparing for a major purchase that will change the way we live our lives (more on that when it's official)
  • a couple of health issues for E and me (lots of doctor appointments lately)
  • vet appointments seemingly every week (Molly's thyroid, arthritis and weight; Maddie's incessant chewing/licking)
  • a bully on G's school bus (who unfortunately lives on our street)
  • work deadlines
  • unusual preparations to start working with a new client
  • my lifelong priest retiring
  • getting back into the school-year schedule (especially the after-school schedule, which often cuts my work day by 2.5 hours and forces me back to a working-nearly-every-night-too schedule)
  • a strong desire and no time to do lots more scrapbooking
  • a strong desire and no time to do another installment of my digital scrapbooking how-tos on my good ol' blog
  • a strong desire and no time to update my blog with lots of pictures of our recent trip to Colorado
  • a strong desire and no time to get in shape (wish I had time to work out!)
  • a strong desire and no time to learn more about photography, especially photo editing, as I'm getting ready to weed through thousands of pictures from summer
    (I am, though, getting ready to start a 9-week class I'm very excited
  • a strong desire and no time to get together with friends more often, some of whom I haven't hung out with in weeks or months
  • a mild desire and no time to clean my house, which is way out of control lately.

Anyway, I'm also starting to get worried about the H1N1 flu, which has hit an elementary school in a neighboring town and resulted in 54 absences in one day. It also has been confirmed at a good friend of mine's daughters' preschool in another neighboring town. Hitting too close to home. Making me worry. I'm good at that. :o)

So anyway, it feels good to make lists when I'm stressed, so getting this down is actually therapeutic for me. I also love to look back on things like this and remember what my life was like in this little snippet of time. So someday I'll hopefully be able to look at this list of things on my mind and know that I made it through just like any other old time. Hopefully I'll be looking at it from the beach or somewhere else where I'm doing nothing but relaxing! :o)

2 thoughts on “A page to pass the time”

  1. Thanks, Kelly! Yes, you’re right about the plot of land to pitch a tent! :o) Not official yet, so I’m trying not to get TOO heart-set on it. But things are moving in the right direction. Only baby steps left to go. Big stuff out of the way. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Oh Cor…thanks for the update. I’ve been wondering how you guys were doing. Wow, you sound busier than us…eek! Praying everything is ok for you and E. Hope it’s nothing serious. I hear ya’ on the flu epidemic and the worries there. It’s supposed to be bad this fall/winter. I might be hibernating til spring! And I hope, hope, hope you have good news to share about maybe a big move in your near future…or at least a plot of land to pitch a tent on! Can’t wait to hear the official word. Miss you guys and always thinking of you!

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